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Derby Evening Press's Guide to Clans

So you've been on the island, and you'd like some purpose for your existence. Clans are an excellent way to do that, forming the primary source of power in Shartak politics. Below are listed a brief summary of the more significant Shartak clans. Clans will be sorted by category. Not looking for a clan, but instead want an overview of each camp? Read the DEP's Guide to Towns.




Eastern Federation: Formed as a symbol of the increasingly close alliance between the 1st Derby Privateers and the Derby Hospitallers, the Eastern Federation has grown to be one of the largest and most active groups on Shartak. The Federation has earned a reputation for moderation backed by military prowess, earning respect from groups as diverse as the York Coalition and the WickSick Headhunters. The Federation has added three new clans to its roster since its inception: the Derby Rangers, The Octavius Popebury Memorial Expedition of 1886, and the Greenwolves.

Derby Hospitallers - The Derby Hospitallers were the first Derby-based clan to arise and were the first sign of the Derbian Renaissance. The Hospitallers, described as an "even-handed, democratic group," initially intended to serve all functions for the town of Derby, operating a hospital, a police force, and a militia. As time went on, other clans quickly arose to perform some of the duties, and the Hospitallers became more specialized. They are now generally accepted as Derby's social workers, operating the Derby Hospital and the Derby Academy. Nonetheless, the Hospitallers continue to assist in law enforcement, and have always responded when Derby or its allies are under attack.

1st Derby Privateers - the second clan to join in the Derbian Renaissance, shortly after the Derby Hospitallers. They took on the role of police force and acted as part of the militia on one of the Derby Rangers operations, the Battle of Midway. With the Derby Hospitallers, they founded the Eastern Federation, and with the Federation, helped defend Derby during the Derby Derby Headhunt. Like most police groups, they have come under flak from those on 'Kill On Sight' lists, so offer those on 'Kill On Sight' lists the option to try and clear their name in the Derbian courts.

Derby Rangers - The last of the core Eastern Federation groups to be formed, the Rangers act as the EF's paramilitary group. They focus on outside threats to Derby, as well as other towns, in contrast to the 1st Derby Privateers, which primarily deal with internal threats. They have taken part in several large operations, and have yet to be met with anything other than success. Due to this and their lethality, they have become a respected force on the island.

The Derby Protectors - A small band of extremists in Derby, dedicated to opposing the Eastern Federation and its stand on friendly pirates and natives. Arthur Lines, its leader, was once a member of the violent activist clan, the Shartak Preservation Front, and as a result was killed by RobZombie. Ever since has been a menace, killing Eastern Federation members and non-outsiders unreservedly. They are not considered a long term threat, but a niggling irritation. The sanity of their members, in particular that of Lines, is regularly called into question.


Durham Citizen (otherwise known as the Durham government - Members of this clan carry the rights and responsibilities of a citizen of Durham as defined by the Durham government. These include the protection of, and the responsibility to uphold, the law and the right to vote.


Colonial Police: York´s first police force, the Colonial Police has had a string of leaders since its founding during the First Battle of York. It has played a prominent part in all defending York through all four invasions, and was widely respected until after the Third Battle of York, when the then leader Kjendlie reportedly went insane, accusing the Colonial Counter Terrorist Unit of plotting to take over York. This period saw the departure of some of the force´s oldest and most experienced officers. The arrival of 5punk on the scene, who took over the Colonial Police Headquarters, heralded the deterioration of the Colonial Police´s credibility, and has only recently begun a possible recovery with its fifth leader, Lexus.

5punk: 5punk are like Marmite - you love 'em or you hate 'em. Formed from a forum outside the Shartak community, 5punk are renowned for their crude humour and unwillingness to be forced to do anything. Although once widely suspected of zerging, it is generally accepted that 5punk are able to attack locations in large numbers thanks to their large member base outside of Shartak. They now currently run the Waugh Arms, where they offer safe haven for most characters, as long as you haven´t attacked inside there previously.

1st Colonial Militia: Formed by York radical Serious Sam, the clan seems to have inherited its founder's renowned extremism. Originally part of the York Alliance, the Colonial Militia broke away due to a difference in ideals, namely Serious Sam´s support of extremist Nathan Hale in Durham, though the groups remained on friendly terms. The Colonial Militia took an active role in defending York during the Fourth Battle of York and the Dork Cup, and upon the formation of the York Coalition they agreed to join it. However, differences once again left the Militia independent from the rest of the York groups. Since then, their main battle has been with 5punk and more recently the Colonial Police, and shots have been fired by all sides on numerous occasions. However, the Militia has been working alongside the York Coalition and the Colonial Police again since the promotion of a new Colonial Police leader, and are actively patrolling the area surrounding York.

The York Coalition: Formed mainly of Kjendlie-era ex-Colonial Police and ex-CCTU, the York Coalition boasts some of the most experienced fighters on the island; several members are listed among Shartak's top player killers. Since its inception preceding the Dork Cup, it has participated in and often led the defense of York, most notably spearheading the massacre that was the defense of York against the pirate "invasion" that followed the Dork Cup. For a York-centric group, it is remarkably diverse; it has at least one member from each outsider settlement, and even counts one pirate among its number.

The Shipwreck

The Brotherhood Of The Coast: An effort to unite various raid/trade organizations that lingered around the shipwreck, the Brotherhood was pulled together by a few well established pirates, notably; First Among Daves, Michael Edwards, Rozen and 0000FF Beard. The Brotherhood conducted a few 'training raids' on native settlements, which escalated into arranged Real Time battles, one named 'Pirates Graveyard' and the other known as 'Archer's Pool' - though the real name is somewhat more interesting.


The French: Though the French do not have a true home town, they have claimed the island of Midway as their home. They have turned the tower there into the Casino Royale, and have begun a simple gambling operation for those willing to play.

Independent Republic of Fort Creedy: Like the French, the Creedists do not have a formal settlement. Rather, they have claimed Fort Creedy as their home. Declaring independence, they run their domain democratically, with little interference from others.


The Spartans: A respected clan in outsider politics, the Spartans volunteered to assist the defenders of York during a pirate invasion and assisting the York-Derby alliance in the Battle of Midway. As a result, the Spartans have earned the respect and friendship of several larger clans. They are perhaps the smallest clan (numerically) to ever garner significant attention, having been mentioned twice in the Derby Evening Press.



The Royal Court of Greater Raktam: Claiming to be the blood heir to the throne, Blue Hummingbird created the Royal Court of Greater Raktam. It has since been recognised as a legitimate court by the Eastern Federation and, apart from the odd trouble-maker, has been welcomed as an extra element of metagaming in Raktam, an otherwise quiet and rather dull native settlement. The Court is setting up a tax system, and funding a police force to patrol the surrounding area, creating more job opportunities for young Raktamites and foreigners alike.


Dalpok Liberation Front: A group founded relatively recently, its sole goal is the defense of the village of Dalpok from hostile outsiders, particularly pirates. Many famous natives, including a number of WickSick Headhunters, are in this clan. It was formed by Cracker due to the large number of pirates constantly assaulting the native village. They also stress that they are not a police force, but defenders only, with both patrolmen and a shaman corps for eliminating hostile spirits.


The Necromancers Guild: Though there is no evidence the NG was intended to be a Wiksik-based clan, the town has proven to be the NG's power base. The Necromancers are Shartak's mystics. They oppose exorcism, going so far as to kill exorcists for banishing spirits. The Necromancers believe they draw power from listening to the wails of spirits in their huts, welcoming any who enter their land. In an atypical action for a town-based clan, the Necromancers do not claim to defend their town from any threat, instead focusing on exploring Shartak's spirit world.


The WickSick Headhunters: Although not officially a clan, this group of primarily natives is perhaps the most renowned of all groups. They travel Shartak, attacking each outsider or pirate settlement. They have arranged several competitions, known as the Durham Headhunt Contest, the Derby Derby, and the Dork Cup. These attacks alone cost the outsiders around 500 lives, half of which were inflicted in the Dork Cup. Outsider towns have been known to put aside all differences and unite when a competition is announced. Recently they claimed the island between York and Derby as their own, but were thrown out after a combined attack of the Eastern Federation, the York Coalition, the Spartans, and the 1st Colonial Militia.

Clans unaffiliated with a faction

Shartak Merchants' Association: The SMA was founded by the wealthy native trader Songa to replace the dying South Shartak Trading Company. Though small, with its membership numbers never exceeding the single digits, the SMA is extraordinarily wealthy, commanding more money than any other clan on Shartak. That being said, the SMA is less of a clan and more of a trade guild. Clan members operate with complete independence, their affiliation largely serving to mark them as peaceful traders. Additionally, the SMA is solely interested in the acquisition of wealth, and does not attempt to use the wealth of its membership for any sort of collective action.

Open Arms: More of a belief system than a clan, Open Arms members are extremely peaceful. Members are expected to never attack without provocation, and many will not kill even in self-defense. Open Arms members believe in building a community spanning ethnic lines, drawing members from across Shartak. Members are expected to be kind and helpful to non-members, regardless of race or creed.

Scavengers: Perhaps the most reviled clan on Shartak, Scavengers are outcasts in every center of civilization (except perhaps the shipwreck, which is too chaotic and violent to notice their presence). Scavengers kill wantonly, without any reason behind their actions. Membership in this clan will result in becoming an instant entry on defensive clans' "Kill on sight" lists.

Kraken Hunters: A group of devoted hunters, both natives and outsiders, who are after giant squids. The members share information and cooperate to take down these powerful animals.

Knights of the IRC Channel: A clan made to promote the use of the Shartak IRC channel. Visit the IRC for chatting, trout slap fests and a lot of fun.