Derby Hospital

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The Derby Hospital was opened by the Derby Hospitallers. Located at [-70.093,+26.352], the Hospitaller on duty provides free treatment to any wounded individuals within the hut, including non-hostile natives or pirates. The Hospitallers would like to thank the Royal Expedition for introducing the RE field hospital, the Derby Hospital's inspiration.

Hospital Policies

  • The Hospitaller on duty choose the order of treatment for patients.
  • Any patients within the Hospital are under Hospitaller protection.
  • Should hostile natives, pirates, or PKers sleep in the hut, the Hospitaller on duty is not obligated to follow these policies regarding them.

Derby Pharmacy

The Derby Pharmacy, located at the Derby Hospital, is the Derby Hospitallers' latest effort to provide services to their hometown. This unique establishment is the first of its kind on Shartak. The Hospitaller on duty will keep a supply of first aid kits on hand for anyone who needs it. Anyone not hostile to the Eastern Federation will be able to purchase up to 10 first aid kits per visit for the price of two gold coins per kit. Eastern Federation members and allies will receive a 50% discount, with forum-active Federation members receiving the medical supplies free of charge.

The Hospitallers caution that the pharmacy guarantees only its prices, and cannot guarantee that it will have enough to meet demand at all times.

To request supplies, simply visit the Pharmacy, and ask the Hospitaller on duty for the desired number of first aid kits, then wait there. The Hospitallers will not track people down to provide them with their medical supplies.

Healing will still be available for the wounded, free of charge, in the hospital.