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Royal Expedition
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In-game page
Leadership: A democratically elected, publicly accountable senate, on behalf of HM the Queen
Members: +18
Goals: Bringing civilisation and the rule of the Crown to this barbarian land
Recruitment policy: Post on our Recruitment Forum
Contact: Via our Forum

The Royal Expedition is the longest-running clan in Shartak.

We aim to spread the benefits of civilisation and the protection of the Crown across this new land, and build a colony worthy of Her Majesty. God Save The Queen!


If you're interested in joining then post your details on our Recruitment Forum.

Senate Members

Gandhi, Minister of Intelligence

Jones Dye, Minister of Science and Exploration

Less Than Lethal, Minister of Military Affairs

Active Members


Morgan Freelance, discoverer of Shark Island




Elena Barton



Sgt Sharpe


Urban Me


Probationary Members

(inquire for more details)


Otis the Red

M Tek



Shark Island

Shark Island is a small island off the west coast of Shartak, and was claimed by Morgan Freelance for the expedition on the 26th of February, 2006. The island is used as a base and staging post by the Expedition. However, the dastardly Discordian Cargo Cult also claim the island as theirs, and a bitter war rages across the island as a result of this. Although we remain in control of the island, this fighting nessecitates frequent patrols and skirmishes to maintain the influence of the Crown.

To avoid the escalation of hostilities and the destabilising effect this would have on the colonisation of Shartak, the two sides have agreed to confine the conflict to Shark Island, and not attack each other on the mainland.

Currently, negotiations regarding the future of Shark Island are underway. A no-violence zone has been established and clearly marked at [-70.547,+26.414], to allow foreign diplomats and ambassadors to stay on the island.

Field Hospital

The Field Hospital in York offers free healing to all who need it, to aid the spread of civilisation across this dangerous and untamed land.

Derby North Road

The first road to be cleared on the island, the highway ran north from Derby and then turned west towards Wiksik. Forged by a small team of heroic Expeditionaries with the help of several civilians, the road reached Wiksik but then ground to a halt as the brave men came under attack from local headhunters. The maintenance of the road is now the responsibility of the Civilized Highway Society, who have incoporated it into their island-wide road network as the Wiksik-Derby Highway.


October 2006

14th - The Minister for Military Affairs has called for a full military intervention in York, to drive those mercs away from our allies in the Colonial Police. The mercenaries claim to have retreated, but we will remain vigilant in slaying any stragglers.

The hospital, as announced earlier in the month, is now considered sovereign territory and remains under the direct control of the expedition.

August 2006

26th - A no-violence zone has been set up on Shark Island at [-70.547,+26.414], to allow peacable negotiations between the Royal Expedition, the Discordian Cargo Cult, and the Scurvy Crew of The Hell-born Strumpet.

July 2006

13th - Field Hospital established in York

June 2006

10th - The senate votes to join the Identify Friend or Foe Initiative (5 votes to 2)

8th - Following debate in the senate, a truce on Shark Island is proposed to Eris, leader of the DCC, but is violently rejected

5th - New member, Kaliwen

May 2006

30th - New member, Slith

24th - Clan offically established ingame

18th - Bill 2 is rejected by the senate (3 votes to 1)

11th - Bill 1 passes unanimously (4 votes to 0). Bill 2 (Identity Protection) proposed to the senate

4th - Bill 1 (Full Individual Membership in the Royal Expedition) proposed to the senate

April 2006

29th - Discordian Cargo Cultist Oulatek brutally murders Morgan Freelance, precipitating the Shark Island Civil War

19th - New members, Jones Dye and Sgt Sharpe

16th - New member, Elena Barton

13th - Shark Island clearly marked as ours

7th - The Discordian Cargo Cult lay claim to Shark Island, threatening to kill any RE members on the isle who do not join their ranks

March 2006

30th - Forum established

19th - New member, Techker7

18th - New member, Malphas

12th - New provisional member, M Tek

6th - New member, Ownslaught

3rd - New member, Domokun

February 2006

26th - Shark Island claimed for the Expedition and the Crown by Morgan Freelance

22nd - Morgan Freelance sets out on the first ever expedition to Shark Island

Rules and Laws

The following are bills that have been debated and voted on by the members of the expedition, and form the rules and guidelines by which the clan operates. All new bills must pass before the senate, so that the clan develops in a fully democratic fashion to reflect the desires of all our members.

Bill 1

Full Individual Membership in the Royal Expedition

  • To join the clan, players must have an Outsider character (not including pirates)
  • Members cannot be a member of any group which is in conflict with the Royal Expedition
  • Members must swear not to kill other outsiders, except in self-defense, or on the orders of a Captain.
  • Possesion of a Native account is acceptable as long as clause 1 and 2 are respected

This bill was proposed to the senate on the 4th May 2006, underwent two major revisions, and was passed on the 11th May 2006 by 4 votes to 0.

Amendment 1

  • All prospective members of the Royal Expedition must be judged to be of Good Moral Character by the senate before their application is accepted.

This amendment was proposed to the senate on the 23rd July 2006 following a suspected plot to infiltrate the Expedition and thus capture Shark Island. The bill was passed on the 15th August 2006 by 6 votes to 0.

Bill 2

Identity Protection

Please note that this bill was rejected by the Senate, and is recorded here simply for historical reasons.

  • Unless otherwise instructed, full members will have their names removed from the wiki list to protect their identities and not publicly publish our member list
  • There will be a quick contact list on the wiki with the IMs of the foreign affairs and/or the public sercurity departments

This bill was proposed to the senate on the 11th May 2006, and was rejected on the 18th May 2006 by 3 votes to 1.

Guilder.png This user or clan supports the Identify Friend or Foe initiative.
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