Identify Friend or Foe

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Identify Friend or Foe is an initiative designed to prevent friendly natives from being killed by outsiders and vice versa. The initiative is based on real-life IFF systems used in combat. Before attacking a member of the opposing faction, the following procedure is followed:

  1. If you can't identify the player, give them a worthless item (like a crab) OR you may whisper something to "an outsider" (if you're a native) or "a native" (if you're an outsider). (Proceed to step 2 if you can already identify them.) You will see their name and a link to their profile as a result.
  2. View the player's profile and determine if they have ever killed a member of your faction.
    • If so, you may commence your attack as normal.
    • If not, you must assume the player is friendly and refrain from attacking.

In short, no player may be attacked until they have been identified as a threat.

If your character or clan supports Identify Friend or Foe, please consider adding the "Identify Friend or Foe Supporter" box to your group or personal page by adding {{IdentifyFriendOrFoe}} to the text of your page. See Category:IFF supporter for a list of supporters.