Derby Hospitallers

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Derby Hospitallers
In-game page
Leadership: James Barnes, Tribune Emeritus

Javier Sortani, Tribune

Members: 10 active
Goals: To protect and assist the inhabitants of Derby.
Recruitment policy: All outsiders, pirates, and natives willing to follow the Hospitaller code.
Contact: Select the Hospitallers as your clan in-game. Forum participation is preferred. Our forum

For the good of Derby!

Derby was once a backwater, a settlement without law or defense. No longer! The Knights Hospitaller are an old order, dating back to the Crusades. Now, a group has emerged on Shartak, basing their conduct on the Hospitallers' code of protection and aid. These noble wardens of the peace are dedicated not just to preserving Derbian lives, but improving them.

The Hospitaller Code of Honor

Hospitallers are encouraged to uphold the following code of conduct.

  • Hospitallers' first duty is to Derby and its inhabitants. Hospitallers should:
    • defend Derby from hostile incursions. Examples include pirate or native raids. The Hospitallers oppose attacks on peaceful pirates or natives within Derby's city limits, particularly in designated safehouses.
    • heal wounded Derbians and other wounded outsiders.
  • All Hospitallers should maintain a proper sense of decorum. They should refrain from vile language and insults. (Out of character, don't flame people. If someone flames you, responding in kind just makes you and the clan look bad. As for foul language, while there won't be consequences for the occassional slip, excessive foul language is pointless; it makes you look like you aren't smart enough to express yourself in any other way. Basically, act like a mature adult.)

Laws of the Hospitallers

Unlike the code of honor, which is a set of ideals to strive towards, the laws that follow are strictly enforced. Violation may result in immediate expulsion from the Hospitallers.

  • Murder of innocents, regardless of origin, is strictly forbidden.
  • Practicing the dark art known as "Zerging" is absolutely and utterly forbidden under Hospitaller law.

James Barnes

Tribune Emeritus James Barnes was a Shartak legend, and the island is greatly lessened for his departure. Read a memorial to him here.

Hospitaller Activities

Activities in Derby

The Hospitallers run several facilities in Derby. These facilities provide free services to any Derbian who wishes to make use of them.

  • The Derby Academy, a two-hut facility next door to the Derby trader's hut.
    • The Academy's Gymnasium, located at [-70.094,+26.350].
    • The Academy's Lecture Hall, located at [-70.093,+26.350].
  • The Derby Hospital, located at [-70.093,+26.352].
  • The Derby Pharmacy, also located at [-70.093,+26.352].

The Hospitallers also participate in the Derby Court and sponsor the Derby Lecture Series.

Activities Outside Derby

The Hospitallers do not confine their activities to Derby. Hospitallers are active across the south coast. They:

Life in the Hospitallers

The Hospitallers require relatively light duty from their members. Capable, willing members may assist in running Derby's public services, or they may start their own (with the the approval of the Hospitaller leadership). Otherwise, Hospitallers are free to do as they please, whether it be enjoying the sights of Derby or wandering through the jungles. The only requirement is that Hospitallers come to Derby when the town is threatened.

All Derbians, whether they are Hospitallers, Privateers, or unaligned, are welcomed at our forum. Newcomers are encouraged to look at our Beginner's Guide.


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