Derby Academy

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Derby Academy

The Derby Academy is Derby's first educational institution. Occupying two adjacent huts, it provides classroom instruction and hands-on practice free of charge to all Derbians. It is run by the Derby Hospitallers


Located at [-70.094,+26.350], the Derby Academy's Gymnasium offers fencing practice to any students who desire it. Attendees can fence with the Hospitaller on duty free of charge. However, students are asked not to reduce the instructor to less than 22 HP. Students may also practice their first aid skills by healing the instructor's wounds. The Gymnasium is frequently staffed by Hospitaller Janet Grey, the Academy's founder.

Lecture Hall

The Derby Academy's Lecture Hall is located at [-70.093,+26.350]. Students may ask any questions about the game or survival on Shartak. Should a Hospitaller not be present, they may ask the Hospitallers on duty at the Hospital or the Gymnasium and wait for their answer in the Lecuture Hall.