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Leadership: Founded by Dennis Kuijt
Members: 0
Goals: To Keep Durham a free and friendly settlement.
Recruitment policy: Closed. You are invited to join The Durham Tea Partyinstead.
Contact: Contact Dennis Kuijt in-game or at the official forum.

The Durham Pistoleers has been disbanded

You are invited to join The Durham Tea Party



When Dutch soldier Dennis Kuijt first placed his size 9 boot on the sand of Shartak he knew that the mysterious island lying in front of him would bring him fame and fortune. Unfortunately the first thing it brought him was a bad case dysentery, and when he finally had the energy to venture into the jungle, a native chopped him down with a machete. When Dennis awoke in the Durham settlement he knew that that kind of aggression would not stand. He found the armory hut and started collecting bullets for his rifle.....


The objective of the Durham Pistoleers is to keep Durham safe from both the primitive natives as well as hostile settlers from Derby and York.

Also, Durham Pistoleers do their utmost to expel Durhamites that kill other Durhamites without reason. Currently Dystopia and Buffy871 are not welcome in Durham. The same goes for Nathan Hale and any other of the Durham Nationalists caught threatening or attacking peaceful Durhamites and Pistoleers. The Pistoleers and former blacklisted durhamite Lucifer has come to a peaceful agreement, and he should no longer be killed on sight, but treated with respect by Pistoleers and Durhamites alike.

  • As of March 3rd, we have a truce with Nathan Hale and the Nationalists, while we try and put together an election for Govenor. The mission of the Pistoleers will remain the same.
  • On March 31th, Pistoleer candidate Commodore Jacobi won the Durham Election, and is now official Govenor of Durham.
  • Since April the Pistoleers has, on request, opened up membership for Yorkmen.


The Durham Pistoleers uses a hut [-70.652,+26.340] in the SW part of Durham as HQ. The Pistoleers invite rifle wielding Durhamite or Yorkmen of all nationalities to join the group, by adding ones name to the list below, and make Durham a safer, and richer, place to stay.



We're on friendly terms with the pirates Patch, Michael Edwards, Rozen and Dian Cecht, so be nice if you encounter them in Durham or somewhere in the jungle.

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