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The Durham Nationalists|-style="background-color: #ffffff; text-align: center;" Nationalists.jpg
Leadership: None
Members: To be determined.
Goals: The defense of Durham
Recruitment policy: Just email us.
Contact: E-mail

The Durham Nationalists is not a clan in the traditional sense; rather, we are a way for everyone who wishes to defend Durham from aggressors to co-operate and coordinate. We believe that Durham has for too long been the plaything of foreign powers and self-appointed leaders. It is time for us to rise up and regain control over our home. Durham for the Durhamites - for the ragtail band of pioneers, frontiersmen and drifters who built this town, and can make it great again.

The Nationalists seek to establish and maintain a network of free-thinking indibiduals to promote a safe, egalitarian Durham for the benefit of all her citizens. We believe in individual freedoms and self-determination, and reject alliances with foreign groups, involvement in foreign wars, and rule by local authoritarians with equal vehemence. The people of Durham should be free to make their own choices and determine their own involvement in such matters, not be part of some faceless mass to be manipulated for the ends of some unscrupulous leader.

To this end, we will provide an information and tactical hub for every free Durhamite. We will not have banners or armies - but those who agree with our views and feel their goals are compatible with ours can come to us for information or aid in their own struggles. We will act as a network through which the people of Durham can coordinate their efforts to complement one another for the common good.

Our Policies

We Support

  • Groups and Individuals who work for the freedom, safety, and prosperity of Durham.
  • The establishment of community facilities in Durham. We need a hospital, a pub, guides for the new arrivals, anything else you can think of - if it benefits Durham, we'll do what we can to help.
  • An efficient network of vigilantes in Durham - if you get PKed, let us know and we'll make sure people know who to punish, or at least who to look out for.
  • The establishment of an accountable, elected government in Durham.
  • The establishment of a people's court to judge criminals and allot punishments.

We Oppose

  • Groups who seek to control or conquer Durham, such as the Durham Pistoleers or any of the Monarchist factions.
  • Groups who seek to use Durham for military purposes - for example, the Jolly Roger Gang's use of our town as a staging post puts us all at threat of invasion from York, and the Pistoleers' co-operation with this represents a betrayal of our interests. The construction of a Dutch warship at Rodrigo Island is also an unacceptable use of our peninsula, and we will support efforts to sabotage or otherwise prevent this project.
  • Groups who threaten the safety of Durhamites, either as a whole or individually.

An Open Letter to the People of Durham

They say there are three stages through which any social movement must pass before it can acheive it's goals - ridicule, demonisation, and finally acceptance. The Nationalist movement may well have set a new record for the speed with which these stages can be traversed. Barely a month ago, our enemies laughed at us, said that we were 'lone madmen', even going so far as to deny our existance or our prescence in Durham. Following our heroic military campaign, which led to the removal of several dangerous individuals from Durham, we were portrayed as 'terrorists', plotting to overthrow a 'legitimate government'. And now, at this very moment, negotiations are underway to bring not only free and fair elections of our city, but also to implement the full sweep of our demands - the demands of the people of Durham!

Durhamites, victory may be within our grasp. Tell your friends, your neighbours, that their struggle has paid off. There WILL be elections in Durham. There WILL be a legitimate goverment. There WILL be representation, accountability, fairness. We must not let down our guard against those who realise the threat that freedom poses to their personal fiefdoms, and who will stop at nothing to derail the democratic process. We must stand strong, and we WILL stand strong, and when a new sun dawns over a liberated Durham all of Shartak will watch in awe, for we will be our own men at last.

Yours, as ever, in love and struggle -- Nathan Hale 21:47, 7 March 2007 (UTC)


16th March 2007

Following severe foot-dragging on the part of the Pistoleers, the Nationalists have set a March 31st deadline for election in Durham, to be held near Kadmor at [-70.648,+26.343]. The Durhamite with the most votes will be declared Governor of Durham, and will be responsible for setting up a government. For more info, go to Durham Nationalists/Election FAQ

4th March 2007

Pistoleer Jacobi has attempted to murder Nathan Hale, despite the ceasefire. Nathan escaped with the help of a passer-by, and has requested that the Nationalists continue to honour the ceasefire. We must not let the upcoming elections be ruined by the irresponsible actions of these renegades.

Also, the Yorkman has run an excellent article on our struggle: The Yorkman/Issue 016#Elections to be Held in Durham

24th February 2007

The Pistoleers have agreed in principle to our demands. Negotiations are ongoing.

22nd February 2007

The Pistoleers have changed their minds and agreed to negotiate. Ceasefire!

21st February 2007

The Pistoleers have not yet come back to us with regards to the ceasefire, so our war is resumed.

15th February 2007

The Pistoleers have been given a week to renounce piracy and close Durham to pirates. If this demand is not met, the Nationalists will resume violent struggle.

20th November 2006

We are seeking temporary strategic alliances with some of the organisations involved in the Durham Defense Force, to allow for more efficient information sharing a tactical cooperation during the Great Durham Headhunt.

14th November 2006

Clan page established.

12th November 2006

Our banner was featured in the Yorkman