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Leadership: Mill Wilkinson
Members: none
Goals: Primarily not to kill other greenwolves, and help those who are clan members
Recruitment policy: None, just join
Contact: through e-mail: or asking from Mill Wilkinson

Clan disbanded due to inactiveness.

Clan description

Old and active members of Greenwolves! Do not fear the recent changes in the clan! We still have the code of honour and you can still be a member with no obligations.

Greenwolves are now devoted to gather supplies in times of need, and sell to gain gold, to buy more supplies. By digging holes and storing equipment in them, we have an emergency supply of ammunition, first aid kits and weapons in our beloved hometowns. By trading we intend to exchange non-valuable equipment for bullets and armament.

Code: 1. No other Greenwolf shall be attacked 2. Store some goods underground. 3. Greenwolves aren't a shield against the law. 4. When in time of need, reveal your supply depots to the defenders. Of course you don't need to reveal all of them... ;) --- We fully support the Eastern Federation, as Derby has become the new capital of Greenwolves.

Clan history

None actually, because the scribes were too busy to start to write another clan history. Well, we joined the Eastern Federation.

Clan activity

We aim just for the opposite: No active foruming or chatting is required.

The York HQ is now left alone, seeing the needlessness of it. Durham HQ was conquered by Durham Foreign Office, but the clan doesn't mind.