Eastern Federation

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Eastern Federation
Abbreviation: EF
Group Numbers: too few
Leadership: Janet Grey, James Barnes, Rob Zombie
Goals: To protect and assist the inhabitants of Derby in particular, and outsider society in general. Generally members of the 1st Derby Privateers, Derby Hospitallers, and Derby Rangers
Recruitment Policy: Those loyal to Derby
Contact: Select the Eastern Federation as your clan in-game. Forum participation is preferred. Our forum
Scroll.PNG This is a historical article, describing a past event or events that occurred on Shartak.

For the Good of Derby

The Eastern Federation is an alliance based in the town of Derby on Shartak's southeast corner. The EF considers Derby's well-being its highest priority. In addition to defending Derby, the Federation works to improve their home. Since the clans of the EF formed, they have made both independent and unified efforts to better the settlement. Notably, the Federation was the first clan to offer medical benefits and subsidized prescription drug benefits for its members.

Current Status

As of 2009, the Eastern Federation has gone inactive due to the loss of members. Most of the founding members have not been seen in a very long time and the remaining leadership have declared the official cease of Federation activities. No plans exist at the moment to revive the Federation.

Federation Activities

The following list details all operations conducted by the Eastern Federation or its constituent clans.

Activities in Derby

Activities Outside Derby

Members of the Eastern Federation:

Founding clans

Derby Hospitallers

1st Derby Privateers

Derby Rangers

Other Members and Allies

Greenwolves (member)

York Coalition (ally)