Derby Rangers

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Derby Rangers
In-game page
Leadership: SGM Mark D. Stroyer
Members: 12
Goals: Resond to foreign conflicts. Provide backup for Privateers against high-profile targets.
Recruitment policy: Anyone willing.
Contact: or in-game.

The Derby Rangers are a branch of the Eastern Federation. While the 1st Derby Privateers ensure Derby's internal security with police work and Derby's defense, the Rangers are a paramilitary group designed for response to external threats.


The Rangers can be called on by the allies of the Eastern Federation to assist in conflicts, should they arise. Also, the Rangers will accept minor mercenary jobs, such as killing a shaman. However, the Rangers reserve the right to refuse service for any reason whatsoever.


Any member of the EF can join the Rangers, but the Rangers heartily accept anyone willing to fight. Wages will be paid in response to the completion of a task. The Rangers' HQ is at the GPS coordinates of [-70.097,+26.348], two blocks South-West relative to the shaman.

Also, all members should sign up on the forums so they can receive orders and updates.


For the most part, the Derby Rangers' tasks are few, aside from assistance of other towns. The Privateers may call for assistance in the execution of a high-level terrorist. If there is nothing of importance, members are free to act as they please, provided that they can return to their tasks quickly should an event come up. Think of it as a National Guard unit.


Sergeant Major (Rangers' leader):

First Sergeant (Second-in-command):

Sergeant First Class:

Staff Sergeant:





All Ranger members, sign up on the forums. You will receive orders and other information through the forums.


The Rangers have participated in several news-making events, including those below:

  • Defended York from raiding pirates. Result: Pirates completely routed, before causing any casualties to York civilians. Overall, success.
  • Lead assault at Battle of Midway against The WickSick Headhunters. Result: Many Headhunters killed, and all others scattered. Overall, success.
  • Aided newly-formed Dalpok Liberation Front in elimination of attacking pirates around Dalpok. Result: Many pirates killed. Pulled out due to lack of targets. Overall, success.

Rangers in the News


The Rangers are allied with the groups of the Eastern Federation, those being the Derby Hospitallers, the 1st Derby Privateers, and the The Octavius Popebury Memorial Expedition of 1886. Also allied with the York Coalition.

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