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Satellite dalpok.png
Satellite map       Local map
Type: Native
Huts: 22
Shaman: (Shubar) [-70.437,+26.443] (08,08)
Trader: (Tack) [-70.435,+26.442] (10,09)
Weapons hut: [-70.441,+26.443] (04,08)
Medical hut: [-70.437,+26.449] (08,02)

Dalpok is one of the four native camps on Shartak. Located in the island's western interior, it consists of twenty-two huts in a circular clearing.

A shaman named Shubar keeps watch in the center of the village.


The Village of Dalpok - Territory Map
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15
02 M
04 H H H
05 H2 E
06 H
07 NB
08 H W S H2
09 H T
10 H H
11 H H H G
12 H H H2
13 H2 H
Unincorporated ("Jungle")
Village territory ("Dalpok")
H Hut (H2 represents two huts)
NB Noticeboard
S Shaman
T Trading post
W Weapons hut
M Medical hut
G Gateway


  • The above is a territory map, not a map of jungle density (which constantly changes). Therefore, the jungle and village squares will very likely be colored differently in-game than they are here. Squares within the village will be displayed as "Dalpok" on the game map, while jungle squares will be displayed as "Jungle".
  • The numbers on the map are merely for local reference and are not related to GPS coordinates at all.

Groups Operating in Dalpok

There are currently several groups operating in Dalpok including:

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