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Healers of Shartak
In-game page
Leadership: dazedandconfused
Members: 18
Goals: To keep the inhabitants of Shartak healthy.
Recruitment policy: If you're a healer interested in joining us contact us via the forum
Contact: Contact through the talk page or on the forum.

The Healers of Shartak - Origin

The Healers are an old group that dates back years before the first outsiders came to Shartak. The native village of Dalpok, with its abundance of healing herbs, had always turned out talented healers. The knowledge of advanced healing techniques had been passed down from the ancestors to the numerous healer families of Dalpok, their duty - to tend to the injured and sick. One year, a disease carried by bats and rodents swept through Shartak. Many people succumbed to fever and died. Dalpok was not effected seriously and, thanks to the many healers, those that were dying were soon nursed back to health. However, the disease inflicted heavy losses on the settlements of Wiksik and Raktam. The healers soon realised that the warlike but easygoing people of Wiksik and the peaceful and pround inhabitants of Raktam needed their help. Although these settlements had their own healers, the fever was too fierce for only a few healers to handle. The elders of Dalpok insisted that the healer families stay in Dalpok and dismissed the severity of the fever in Wiksik and Raktam as the will of the ancestors. The healers went despite the protest of the elders. With the help of the healers, Wiksik and Raktam the disease only did minimal damage. One year later, a raiding party from Wiksik attacked Dalpok, killing and wounding many people. The elders of Dalpok were furious at the healers for nursing the people of Wiksik back into health. They condemned the healers for helping their enemies and then they exiled many of the promenant healers. The healers went from Dalpok to teach other natives their knowledge, swearing that they would heal anyone that needed it, regardless of their beliefs or allegience. Even people that were sworn enemies needed healing. A decade later, the healers - now a group consisting of natives from all over the island - were allowed to return to Dalpok.

Many years later when the outsiders first came to Shartak, the healer's services were once again needed to attend to the victims of battle. The healers were quick to realise that these pale-skinned creatures were also human and their bodies worked in a similar way. The healers saw that these outsiders even had healers of their own and knowledge that they did not yet know of.


In the present day the Healers of Shartak had not changed their ideal of healing anyone that needs it and welcomed any outisder that showed skill in healing into their group. The Healers of Shartak seek to establish themselves as an efficient group of healers throughout Shartak and heal outsiders, natives and even pirates if they need it.


If there is a war, disease or other problem that requires the assistance of the Healers, we would be happy to help. An individual or group can request the aid of a healer or healers on the talk page or on the forum.

The Healer's Code

  • Heal almost anyone that needs healing DO NOT heal notorious murderers like Armadox, Kamikui and Jessalyn
  • Try to be a peaceful person. "Excessively violent" is not a good quality to have in the person who's supposed to be healing you.
  • DO NOT attack other islanders except the likes of Armadox this simply leads to more work. Only kill if another group you are in calls for it or your life depends on it.
  • Make friends not enemies
  • Treat your fellow islanders with respect
  • Don't ask your patients for payment, do let them know that donations are welcome.

Become a Healer

The Healers welcome anyone into their group that proves themselves to be a proficient healer. Members need to have an advanced medical knowledge to become a healer and require the following skills:

  • Triage
  • Natural medicine (Natives)
  • First aid (Outsiders)

Hospital locations

Dr Aisha al-Khalifa's clinic located in Durham set up by Dr Aisha al-Khalifa's

Holy Ancestors' Hospital situated in the Wiksik herb hut [-70.240,+26.410] set up by Wicksickness

Active Healers

The names of the current members are listed here. We currently have members based in Dalpok, Wiksik, York, Durham, Derby and the Shipwreck

Dazedandconfused - senior healer hailing from Dalpok. Founder of the Healers of Shartak.

Mowgli - a senior healer was running the Dalpok healing hut. Mowgli is often not noticed (except by his arch enemy Kamikui, who is an evil deranged killer) - but will heal anyone who is in need. He is saving his gold to buy his ancient grandmother a birthday present - so any donations are welcome.

Ropata - another senior healer.

Wicksickness - another young but talented Healer. A member of the Wiksik Healers and Open Arms.

Dr Aisha al-Khalifa - The second outsider to join also a member of Open Arms

James Barnes - Hailing from Derby he splits most of his time between hunting and running the local hospital. Organised the Derby Hospitallers and is also a member of the Eastern Federation

Rozen - The first pirate to join is also a member of The Jolly Roger Gang and The Gentleman Pirate Society

Syal - A peace-loving hippie medic likes to take long walks through the jungle and playing the penny whistle.

Blahmicho - A rainbow goth, also a member of Open Arms and the Antiaggression Association of Shartak Shamans

Helen Mckenzie - Seperated from her farther while exploring Shartak, this talented botanist is determined to study this new-found land and make a life for herself.

Tanil - A man known for his distinct logistics in matters. He has adopted the ways of healing and has found the calling to aid those around him who deserve it.

Simeon Carter - An inquisitive young man, you find Simeon peering at you over his spectacles. He appears to be some sort of boffin, a scientist. Another member of Open Arms.

Nyarlathotep - Swarthy, slender, and sinister, a crafter of strange instruments who speaks of strange subjects and can see the inner darkness in all who walk on two legs.

Tryss - ???? Also a member of Open Arms.

Darkkai64 - A shamen learning the skills of the jungle

Flaps -

GIR - Clinically insane robot dog baby. Has absolutely no idea how he got here, suspects a plan gone horribly wrong but doesn't really care. Usually hangs out in the Durham Medical Hut, except for when he gets distracted and wanders off. He adores A Little Sister, who won his improperly wired malfunctioning robotic heart (made of buttons, some lego bits and a bent spring) by giving him cupcakes. With sprinkles.

Berenice van Buren - freakishly strong nurse from York

jajouka - You see nothing special.

Inactive Healers will be removed, you can rejoin.

News and Updates

We now have healers in all main outsider and native towns except Raktam.

Well done to Mowgli for staying in to the top 20 Wealthiest inhabitants on Shartak for a good few weeks now.

Yesterday saw the opening of Holy Ancestors' Hospital in Wiksik.

The healers now support the IFF initiative

Despite the fact that y'all seem to be somewhere else and not really paying attention anymore, GIR is nonetheless very proud to inform y'all that he has finally achieved his ambition of having his name added to the list of Top Healers, first joining the list at no.20, now at no.17 and slowly but steadily working his way up. He expects many Cupcakes from y'all when he finally makes it to the very top.

With sprinkles, mind.

A good target for anyone in the group after being away for what seems to be almost a year maybe I will try and make my way up there to. --Dazedandconfused 21:26, 3 November 2007 (UTC)


Hank McCoy a friendly outsider from Derby.

Enemies Armadox Kamikui Jessalyn

Guilder.png This user or clan supports the Identify Friend or Foe initiative.

In the face of uncertainty visit http://www.dopefiend.co.uk/ and support the cause!!!!!!!