Antiaggression Association of Shartak Shamans

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Antiaggression Association of Shartak Shamans
In-game page
Leadership: Dim Mak
Members: 13
Goals: None
Recruitment policy: Anyone who attacks no humans and has no human kills listed in their stats may join
Contact: User:frisco

The Antiaggression Association of Shartak Shamans has no goals; membership in this group is just a sign to others that you do not attack humans. Sure, they're easily killed and spawn back to life, but killing humans is in bad taste to us - much better to eat the animals and fruits.

As per the clan page:

Our members are dedicated to non-violence against humans (and only humans) and refrain from attacking any humans, including traders and village shamans.

Contrary to the name, membership in A²SS is open to any class and any nationality; the only requirements are that members have no human kills listed in their stats and that members attack no humans.


The game's membership entry process currently has no verification outside of hometown, character class and level, meaning characters might join who do not belong in this clan. So, for now, here is a list of the recognized clan members.

About the clan name

It's not really an association, nor is it limited to Shartak natives or shamans, and if it were, would probably sound better as the Association of Nonaggressive Shartak Shamans. But since most people have short attention spans, the clan name puts its only important concept first, gives small props to the founder's hometown (), and allows a tongue-in-cheek abbreviation.