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Leadership: Other members and our respective consciences
Members: 18 active, 28 in total (see the list)
Goals: Peace and understanding
Recruitment policy: Live right and let us know
Contact: The talk page

Open Arms is a group of people working to turn the violence-plagued island of Shartak into a peaceful paradise. Members decry senseless violence, choosing instead to show kindness while keeping the safety of all people of peace in mind. Violent players are regarded cautiously and may be fought off, but everyone else is warmly welcomed to the land we all share.

Behavior of members

Members must be kind to all nonviolent players and may be less kind to violent ones. While the use of force is counterproductive to the clan's goals in the short term, some members may resort to it in an effort to punish violence, and, most importantly, to protect themselves and others from any savage, whether native or outsider, who only seeks harm.

Members are strongly encouraged to speak with those they meet, instruct the young and inexperienced, heal the weak and peaceful, and generally do all they can to build a friendly island-wide community where none currently exists — a community you can help create.


In an effort to create an island-wide communications system, on 2006-09-05, Elembis created a native message hut in Wiksik at [-70.237,+26.410] and an outsider message hut one square to the east at [-70.236,+26.410] for players to write in in their respective languages. He hopes the idea will stick and be picked up by players in other camps.

Elembis will be leaving for Derby on 2006-09-06 to remind the camp's inhabitants that not all natives are their enemies and to attempt a meeting with fellow clan member Saint Matthew.

Advice for non-members

People do not always communicate their peaceful intent, and peaceful intent is extremely important to us. If you are an outsider visiting a native camp, or a native visiting an outsider camp, please do the following to help ensure your safety:

  1. Sleep in or outside a hut so that you can write on the wall that you mean no harm. We may find your message and translate it into the local tongue so that all of your potential killers will be able to read it.
  2. Explain in your profile the code you follow for attacking (if you attack at all). Those of us who think camps should safe harbors for healing and trading, not areas in which people with different skin colors are automatically killed, would strongly encourage even violent players to be peaceful in foreign camps.