The Jolly Roger Gang

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The Jolly Roger Gang
In-game page
Leadership: Michael Edwards
Members: 14 at the moment!
Goals: to pirate and pirate some more
Recruitment policy: If you enjoy gold, rum and killing, sign up!
Contact: Ingame with Mr. Edwards, on the forum( After you are a member, just put your name under "The Gang"

We are the second largest Pirate clan, Rum for all!!! Any unactived members on the JRG board have been activated (In my drunkness this had passed me by) Really sorry for any problems! We are no longer active! Go to the Pirate High Command page.

JRG grows by leaps and bounds!

In our quest to bring power to pirates the JRG has opened trade routes with Durham and Derby. Due to this crew funds have doubled! Any JRG crewmen who are registered on our forums can collect their pay no questions asked. Check our forum for details. Also please rember to check the medals section and see if you are able to claim a reward!

March On York My Fellow Rum Smelling Pirates!

Men it seems that the Mercs guild needs some help down in york.(Check the talk page for the details) As such I've pleged JRG support. This will not be an offical raid nor for the long haul, Just go down to york and kill as many yorkers as you can before they get you. I know this is sudden But i'm going to offer a 3 gold bounty for every Yorker you can prove you killed, To help sweeten the pillage--Michael edwards 01:14, 2 October 2006 (UTC)

Arr! The Mercenary's Guild are fine wholesome men with much in common with corsair folk - they may not be scintillating and engaging conversationalists, but they not be shy on slitting throats with rusty knives! This talk of death and gore puts sparkle in me bloodshot eyes and fire in me skanky loins! Or is that the other way about? I'm in Irony Bay but will stop peeing into Wiksik skulls, aft about, call me shipmates to arms, and be on me way! Last man to use the Colonial Police hut as a head can clean me arse (poor bastard)! - First Amongst Daves


Mr. Michael C. Edwards crashed into the isle of Shartak along with every other pirate. While not a violent fellow at heart he traveled the island with hopes of being a merchant. He traveled to Durham and was given the respect a man such as him needed. He left the town thinking that all outsiders were kind. Oh how wrong he was! Mr. Edwards, while traveling to York, was brutally attacked and killed, just for being a pirate! After the attack, Mr. Edwards began to hate most outsiders and natives now he preys upon them. Won't you help him?


Please check our talk page for our wanted Pirate Pker list. Report all murders on the wiki to Rozen or me.

Message to all PDF squad members. Before you kill a wanted man you must alert him and the peoples around him.


You may be wondering what our goals are. We want to be the best pirates we can be and foster a working relationship with outsiders (who are also welcomed to the clan). People from anti-pirate towns like York need not apply. The Jolly Roger Gang will NEVER attack or cause mayhem in Durham.

The Book of the Skull

The Book of the Skull is the doctrine and rules by which all Jolly Roger Gang members follow. Any member who breaks these rule will recieve 40 slashs of a cutlass.

1. York The Town of York is the center of all anti-pirate groups. As such it is an enemy to all pirates. Any Yorkman you find should be swiftly killed. Do not trust a Yorkman who says they are friendly, as soon as you turn your back they will gut you. HOWEVER!! due to rule 11 if a yorker is a peaceful player and his profile shows that you should not kill him.

2. Durham The Town of Durham should never be attacked by pirates, any pirate who does attack is a mutineer and should be delt with as such. The laws of Durham should be followed while in Durham. If they ask you to not kill a Yorkman wait till he is in the jungle to slit his throat.

3. Derby The Town of Derby is neither friend nor foe. The peoples of Derby should be dealt with on a case by case basis. peoples of Derby on the whole mean little harm. We have a peace pact with them.

4. Issues of Rum Rum is God's gift to pirates. As such all pirates should partake in this fine drink. A Pirate should carry Rum with him into battle to help soothe his wounds.

5. The Cutlass All pirates should carry at least three Cutlasses into battle. The Cutlass is a raiding pirates best friend.

6. Mutineers A Mutineer is a pirate Pker Any pirate who attacks his own people is the lowest form of life. A mutineer is a pirate who has no Loyality or Honor. Due to this fact he should be killed in the most brutal fashion.

7. The PDF The PDF is in place to stop Mutinners. All Pirates can report a Pker to the PDF safely. All PDF members must give the Mutineer the right to know that they are wanted men for Pking.( It IS more than they deserve however but The JRG works with Honor.)

8. Meetings The Jolly Roger Gang is always opened to talks with other clans. However from York we will only talk to the CP (The only true enforcement in York). In-game talks will be held in netrual settings(Most likely Shark,Storybook,New Tortuga) Island.

9. Pirates The Jolly Roger Gang By default is an ally of all upstanding Pirate clans.( eg. The Strumpet, Pirate captians crew etc.) And if need be the JRG will aid pirates without question

10. Secret Hiding spot of Zeff's Pants No Jolly Roger Gang Member will every give the whereabouts of where we hid Zeff's Pirate hunting pants!!!. It took a long time to train that monkey...

11. Peaceful clans and peoples Clans which support peace (ex. Open Arms) Or people who do not kill outsiders,natives or pirates will never be harmed by JRG members when it can be helped.

12. Joining Any well respecting Pirate can join the Jolly Roger Gang. As a member you get a weekly wage and protection. Also you can see the Island while helping to strenghen Shipwreck! Just tell a senior member you joined and register at our fourms.


Within the pirate lands we have many a strange and wonderful...ah...wonder. The JRG has given names to some of these wonderful wonders. ( Names to come as soon as I iron out the details.)

Clan News

Nov 13, 2006 All Able JRG crewmen should be heading down to Durham to help in killing natives and protecting durhamnites.

Nov 4, 2006

FirstAmongestDaves has left the crew to help work for the king of Holland. Also the JRG has signed a peace-pact with Derby. Peacful Pirates and traders can travel in peace there. Also Zom-Vld has been made head of the booty. Any active JRG Members can collect their pay fridays at Shipwreck, See our forum for details.

Oct 4, 2006

The west coast trade route has been a sucess for all pirate kind! Also the first Pirates have landed in or near york.

Oct 3, 2006

Give a punch in the arm and a rough set of knuckles along the scalp to me ole shipmate Timothy Trust, who has joined the Gang. Never was there a better Helmsman in the Spanish Main, o'er he was never sober in the 6 years I've known him and is covered from head to manky toe in crotch lice - First Amongst Daves

Sept 15, 2006 Argh!! we've got oursleves a forum matey's!!!

Sept 11, 2006

1. Dispatched at the cowardly hands of the blowpipe wielding warrior Azuma during the raid on Dalpok while he slept, and then forced away from the Dalpok shaman by the unearthly powers of Teia, First Amongst Daves awoke in the deep south of the island in a foul mood and with a taste for fetid blood. He has since slit the quivering throat of the churlish Captain Hallister, a pompous rogue of York, with a fine edge of steel and sent him to Hell to meet his wormy decomposing ancestors. Presently en route north back to the shipwreck, west of some grasslands, haunted by the pitiful ghost of Hallister.

Beware the native warrior Kepple. Rozen has already met his fate once at this man's hands. A gold coin to the pirate who can find him for me. I have a blood feud with this native.

I'd like to add my gold to the bounty on him. - Rozen

Sept 10, 2006

1.I would like to welcome Patch the Pirate and LePreto to The Jolly Roger Gang. Men This means We've broken the 10 members mark! A jug of my own private rum for all members!!

2.I would like to annouce to all Pirates and to JRG members the Creation of a new Squad within the JRG. The Pirate Defence Force!! The PDF will be lead by the Slayer of Pker's Rozen. It will be part of the JRG to help protect players in and around the shipwreck. any member of the JRG who would like to be a part of this please talk to Rozen or me. The PDF is NOT a sperate clan but a sub-branch of the JRG you must be a member of the JRG to be on the PDF.

3.I need all clan members to meet me in game at the traders hut. I have important clan dealings I need to go over with you all.

Sept 9, 2006 Still without contact with the main branch of the gang, Havokk has been making attempts to recruit people and keep himself safe as well as the lost pirates around him.

Sept 6, 2006 On his way to the raid Havokk saw some nearby sport and went hunting, to find himself extremely lost, but met up with a fellow pirate named Reaper. With his natural born ability to pursuade, Havokk Encouraged him to join the group and now both are currently training, but are at the moment cut off from any info on how the raid is going, and will be trying to find a way back to the shipwreck and possibly to rejoing the raid party again...

Sept 5, 2006 We add our ninth member to the gang!!! Welcome to b4ll54ck kill3r!!!!

Sept 4, 2006

HAHAHA! A new pirate has joined us!! welcome to Reaper

ATTENTION MEN!!! I've heard reports that Capt. Whitney of the Hellborn Strumpet has allowed his men onto the killing fields of Dalpok. Expect a few more pirates to partake in the pillage.

Sept 2, 2006

The Gang has added another to our foul smelling fold A harty welcome toPetedotnu.

Sept 1. 2006

The Raid on Dalpok has started! All pirates who have signed should move their rum smelling arse over to Dalpok to kill Natives!!

August 31,2006

Ahoy! We have new members in our Jolly gang, A warm welcome to Necropolis123 and FirstAmongstDaves

August 29, 2006

A warm welcome to new gang member Daralan

August 28, 2006

We would like to welcome new members Sknigand Havokk to our Ranks.

August 26, 2006

After being killed by Native gimbo, Mr. Edwards has returned to Shipwreck to find willing pirates to partake in the Dalpok Raid. We hope to have a two pronged attack from Shipwreck and Durham.

Augest 23, 2006

Mr. Edwards is in Durham getting outsider support for a Dalpok raid. Sign up on the wiki or 1 square North-West of the Durham Pistoleers HQ.

August 6, 2006

Clan is offical! Sign-Up now!

The Gang