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Noticeboards were introduced in late March of 2011. They are usually located within one square of a town shaman. It is unknown if noticeboards exist in any other place other than in towns on the isle of Shartak.

How to Use

To see all notices that are on noticeboard, simply walk to the square a noticeboard is located at. There is special text in the description box saying "There is a noticeboard here." Clicking on the word Notice opens up the noticeboard screen.

Here one can read notices by clicking on them. There is also an option of leaving a notice.

It costs 5 gold begin the process to leave a notice.

One can select which language to leave the note in based on skills (i.e. Outsiders without the skill Foreign Writing cannot leave a note in the native language. For 1 extra gold piece, the note can be written in both languages.

You can select how many days you want to notice up. It costs one gold per day. The minimum amount of days is seven, the maximum is 32 days.