Dalpok Crownlands

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Dalpok Crownlands

Lo, and the Stargods blessed the Dalpoki and turned their hearts to stone

The purpose of this clan is to provide a focal point for affairs in Dalpok, including co-ordination of war against pirates.

And the Dome of Gold ran bronze with the blood of the corsairs

The Dalpok Crownlands have a Citadel, in which all Dalpoki can rest, talk, and be healed. Eleven granite thrones are set aside for the ruling Lords of Dalpok.

Only the holy are born in Dalpok, but serpents sometimes pretend

Homegrown PKers are not permitted to join the clan. Similarly, only Dalpok natives may join.

The winds tell their tales, and the winds shudder

Key points in the history of the Dalpok Crownlands include:

a. July '10 - Vercingetorix builds the Citadel. Ahnoum, a couortier of the Royal Court of Greater Raktam, tries to steal Vercingetorix's concubine, Kikuya, thus souring relations between Dalpok and Raktam.

b. August '10 - the first python is spotted in the grasslands and the Dalpok Crownlands responds by attacking the beast.

For information in game, see Vercingetorix.