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Satellite shipwreck.png
Satellite map       Local map
Type: Outsider
Huts: 1
Shaman: (Jakota) [-70.541,+26.543] (06,09)
Trader: (Sam) [-70.543,+26.542] (04,10)
Weapons hut: [-70.541,+26.546] (06,06) (Armoury)
Medical hut: [-70.541,+26.546] (06,06) (Lg cabin)

The shipwreck is home to the pirates on the island. Located in shallow water on the island's northwest shore, the shipwreck is the only camp without an ammunition hut and a medical hut, but weapons and drinks can be found on the ship itself and in its rooms: the large cabin, the armory, the galley, and the hold. Players on the ship see a description:

You are standing on board a large pirate ship with a rather badly damaged bow where it's hit a bunch of rocks. You can see a couple of cabins towards the front, a hatch leading into the hold, and a large room to the rear.

A shaman named Jakota is held captive south of the ship on the shore.


The Shipwreck - Territory Map
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11
09 NB S G
10 T
Unincorporated ("Jungle")
NB Noticeboard
T Trading post
S Shaman
G Gateway
Deep water


  • The above is a territory map, not a map of jungle density (which constantly changes). Therefore, the jungle squares will very likely be colored differently in-game than they are here.
  • The numbers on the map are merely for local reference and are not related to GPS coordinates at all.

Points of interest


This cabin appears to have been used for the storage of weapons although the crew probably weren't all that tidy as there are other things in here too.


Here are a number of treasure chests, most of which are open and ransacked but there are a few that aren't so empty.


Judging by the lack of food in the cupboards, it's probably a good job the ship ran aground!

Large Cabin

You appear to be in a large cabin at the rear of the ship. There are a number of bunks and personal belongings scattered around.
  • Approx find rates (33%): (preliminary) first aid kit (11%), bottle of rum (11%), cutlass (6%), gold coin (6%).

Crow's Nest

Up in the crow's nest you would be able to see quite a long way under normal circumstances. Unfortunately there's a lot of very low cloud obscuring your view right now.
  • Approx find rates (0%): Nothing.

Groups Operating in the Shipwreck

Being the only Pirate settlement, all Pirate groups are generally based and/or operate at the Shipwreck.

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