The Brotherhood Of The Coast

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The Brotherhood Of The Coast
In-game page
Leadership: Le Pirate Robert
Members: 2 so far
Goals: We are the Brothers of the Coast. We protect each other, and pillage everyone else.
Recruitment policy: For now on, we accept any pirate who accept to give up his civil rights to sail under the breech. Anyone willing to do so must introduce himself to the Captain. Knowledge of the French language would be great.
Contact: or


When civilisation set foot on Shartak, its underworld came along too. Used to sail around French and British borders, the Frères de la Côte decided to move its corsairs and bucaneers to Shartak.

Their nemesis, the Duc de Richeloi, will do anything to get them hanged. But the jungle is deep on Shartak. They won't be easy to find there.


Find as much valuable things as possible, while setting a good and durable peace with the Natives. The Pirates wants nothing more than an easy life on a sunny island, with rum, women and gold coins. They will have to deal with the Natives in order to hide from the outsiders' justice, especially from the men sent by the Duc de Richeloi.


The Pirates doesn't have any fixed headquarter for now on. The only members now on are the two Roberts. The Captain, the Dread Pirate Robert, leads the way, while Mad Robert follows.


Le Pirate Robert was the Captain of the infamous Aube Écarlate, the great pirate ship accountable of the worst crimes on the sea.

Mad Robert was second on the Aube Écarlate. He has a crazy eye always rolling around in circles. JPG]]| clan_leaders= Cap'n Michael Edwards| clan_membership= Erm...| clan_goals=Stuff. Often violent stuff. Well, pretty much always violent stuff. Sometimes we ignore the stuff and just do the violence.| clan_recruit= See the flag? Does it look like we accept Natives or Outsiders?| clan_contact= sort_as= Brotherhood Of The Coast, The| }}

Mission statement

A Brotherhood Raiding party returns successfully from an attack.

To protect Shipwreck from too much anarchy and to bring power to the shipwreck and the pirate class, however we deem fit.

Why should I join?

We are THE premiere Pirate clan to join. Our Roster contains such famous pirates like: Rozen the slayer of PKer's, FirstAmongestDaves the man of many faces Raffles captain of kickassness and other well know established pirates. Our horde is lead by veteran (I.E older than your mum) Pirate Capt. Michael Edwards.

So How Do I Join?

Simple, Just Select the Brotherhood of the coast as your Primary Clan.

Than just join our forums to help partake in our pirate greatness

Remember A clan is what you put in to it, the more you give the more you get, Gold that is...and rum.

The Brotherhood defending the Shipwreck.

Brotherhood Press release Winter 2008


-The brotherhood successfully assassinated what we deemed to be "Peoples who work for and or stunt the growth of the pirate populace." We had a 100% success rate and eliminated all ten targets without fail, all thanks to our covert assassins.  :ninja:

-Our Wailing studies on ghosts and their effectiveness in attack were completed


-Rozen steps down as Capt.

-FirstAmongestDaves is eaten by tigers

-A dirty, Michael Edwards comes out from the bush after what he calls seeing "the islands will and future" around derby. He gladly assumes control of The Brotherhood.

-The Brotherhood announces the reopening of the West Coast trade Route Between Durham and Shipwreck. The first Trade Convoy should arrive around Feb 18-19, Containing various Pirate wares.