Independent Republic of Fort Creedy

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Independent Republic of Fort Creedy|-style="background-color: #c3ddc3; text-align: center;" In-game page
Leadership: President Eptavian
Members: Increasing
Goals: To provide an organized government for Fort Creedy.
Recruitment policy: To apply for citizenship you must be an adult, i.e., level 2 or higher.
Contact: In the dedicated forum, the official forum, or eptavian in-game.

The Independent Republic of Fort Creedy (a.k.a. Creedy Republic) is located at the Jail complex at [-70.666,+26.380], northwest of Durham. It was established on 2007-04-17, after deliberations between its founding parents, Justice Hart (who originated the idea), Eptavian and Elegost.

Declaration of Independence

We, the people who call Fort Creedy our home, understanding that, besides the settlements, other places of interest also need some form of government, noting the need for an established authority on the grounds of Fort Creedy and realizing the lack of such authority, declare that the Independent Republic of Fort Creedy (Creedy Republic for short) shall be established, that the grounds of Fort Creedy and the people therein shall be free and independent of the influence of the other settlements if they so wish, and that the Republic shall have the full power to establish its own laws and decide and execute the acts which it deems appropriate for its existence. We pledge our support to this declaration and our firm belief in the ideals of our Republic, the founding parents

Justice Hart, Eptavian and Elegost.


Ultimately, the citizens are the ones who decide their fortunes. Day-to-day matters are handled by the President and the Governing Council, which consists (roughly) of the founding parents and other appointed or not officials.

President: eptavian

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Defense and Ambassador to Derby: Elegost

Supreme Court Justice: Empty (formerly Justice Hart of York, deceased)

Surgeon General and Ambassador to Durham: Tracer

Hospital Administrator: Syal

Garrison commander: Empty (formerly Baron Robert Surcouf, left to found a French colony)

Chief of police: Empty (formerly Neckbeard, resigned to pursue a life of crime and lawlessness)

Laws of the Republic

Article 1. Applicability

The law applies equally to all persons and animals present on the grounds of Fort Creedy, inside or outside, citizens and non-citizens.

Article 2. Protection of Life

  1. Every person has the right to life. Attacks on other people's lives are not allowed for any reason.
  2. Exceptions to the above are self-defense (being attacked first with real danger of one's own life), during the execution of law enforcement duties by the authorities, or assisted suicide (the victim expressed the wish to die).
  3. The penalty for murder is 10 gold coins.

Article 3. Transformation of Sentences

The President has the power to transform any sentence to community service, or short incarceration at the Fort Creedy jail, at his discretion.

Governing Council Decisions and Presidential Directives

2007-04-17: During the first meeting of the governing council, Eptavian was elected first President of the Republic receiving 2 votes out of 2 (Elegost had gone for a walk and missed the voting).

2007-04-18: President Eptavian appoints Elegost ambassador to Derby. With a few swift slashes of his machete sends him to his new post to take care of his duties.

2007-04-19: The Creedy Republic invites all interested inhabitants of Shartak to acquire citizenship. There are many advantages to making it your home country. It is a friendly, peaceful establishment, democratically ruled, it is within a few hours' walk from Durham, it is not haunted and most importantly is rumored to have large amounts of "oil" hidden underneath it, waiting to be discovered. The state provides free permits for searching and does not tax its citizens for any finds.

2007-05-01: Neckbeard is appointed Chief of Police.

2007-05-03: Based on his experience as ambassador, Elegost is appointed minister of Foreign affairs and Defense.

2007-12-16: Following a referendum, the Creedy Republic has entered into a Commonwealth with the Royal Court of Greater Raktam, and a Raktam garrison was mustered in the armoury. Members of the Court are welcome in Fort Creedy and citizens of Creedy are welcome in Raktam.

2007-12-20: Tracer is appointed Surgeon General, responsible for the well-being of citizens and visitors.

2008-05-11: Syal is appointed Hospital Administrator, in charge of keeping the hospital running.

2008-06-23: An agreement is signed with the Eastern Federation regarding non-discrimination against members of one group while visiting territory of the other group.

2008-09-08: Tracer receives an additional appointment as ambassador to Durham.

Historical timeline

(An archive of clan news can be found here.)

2007-04-17: Founding of the Republic. Eptavian is voted first President.

2007-12-16: Formation of the Commonwealth. The Republic and the Royal Court of Greater Raktam come together and form a Commonwealth.

2008-01-10: Pistoleer Incident. Creedians flee for their lives as attacks by rogue members of the Durham Pistoleers begin on the innocent populace. The rogue members Elizabeth Bathory, Semper, Warlan Raniski and others and their presumed leader, Ethir Wraithwain, are eventually banned from the Pistoleers. The quick mobilization of Commonwealth forces restores the peace.

2008-02-28: 1st Colonial Militia attack. The 1CM attempt a coup against the Republic, using the flimsiest of excuses (attack by unrelated natives). Creedy forces aided by Raktam troops and under the supervision of the garrison commander Baron Robert Surcouf deliver blow after blow against the 1CM.

2008-05-21: Presidential tour. The President goes on a tour of the island and visits every settlement (except the shipwreck) and informs the people about Creedy and the benefits of citizenship. As a result of the tour the population of Fort Creedy almost doubles.

2008-06-30: Welcoming ceremony. An official ceremony takes place in Fort Creedy to welcome the new members. More than 20 people attend the 3-day event.