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This is an archive of official clan news. News from the early history of the Republic are unfortunately lost forever.

2008-June-04: A quick welcome to our newest members. The President's tour of all the settlements continues, with the current stop being Derby. Once the tour is completed, the new citizens will be welcomed formally in an official ceremony. Those interested to attend should gather supplies and start traveling towards Fort Creedy soon.

2008-June-21: The Presidential tour of the island is now over and it is time to have the official welcoming ceremony and celebrate the (almost) doubling of our population! The event will take place in Fort Creedy (Main Hall) in June 30th, so new and old members who don't want to miss it should start making their way towards Creedy immediately.

It will be a 3-day event, with speeches, information sessions, cocktail parties, receptions and a career fair for those looking for a job. Friends and relatives are also welcome to attend. Free drinks for the first 20 participants! As always, more information in our forums.

2008-July-16: Open position for Chief of Police

Applicants should be experienced, have knowledge of tracking and have their own weapons. Great work environment and bonuses. Contact eptavian for more information.

2008-August-27: Two (2) announcements:

1. Durhamites, please go vote!

Information when, where and how can be found through the latest game news announcement (click the "News" button under your map).

I am not sure what the conditions are for voting in the Durham election, but it sure wouldn't hurt to try.

I don't want to say who people should vote, I'd rather leave the decision up to them. All I'm gonna say is that my candidate of choice, the one I would be voting for if I was from Durham, is Darkferret (Edward Grey).

No matter who you choose to vote, you should definitely NOT vote for Lukas. If you really want to vote for him, then I don't know what you are doing in this clan.

2. Creedy Tunnel Expedition

Creedy is organizing an expedition to explore and map the caves and rid them of the dangerous pests that infest them.

The expedition will begin on September 1st (right after the Durham elections are over) and last for as long as the participants can survive.

Those interested to take part should use the time until then to prepare. Recommended supplies are 20+ FAKs/herbs, 3 machetes/cutlasses, 1 bottle/gourd. Less important supplies are several pieces of driftwood/deadwood and dagger/knife to make signposts.

If you are interested, contact me in the forums and start preparing. We will probably leave Creedy on September 1 and enter the tunnels through the mountain cave.