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Official welcoming ceremony for new members


You say “Alright people, we are about to get started but first we need to fix this place. So, stay on your seats and hold on. We'll be ready very soon.
eptavian moves in and out of the hall, carrying chairs and tables. He pushes all the hospital beds, patients and all to the side of the room and arranges the furniture in rows.
You scratch out what was carved there before.
You carve Welcome new and old citizens! (The free clinic still operates, but patients must keep quiet). onto the wall.
You say “Great! And now for the stage.”
eptavian goes out and returns with many wooden planks on his back and nails in his mouth. Taking a hammer out of his pants, he starts hammering the planks together, building a structure of undefined form.
You say “I got those from the wrecked ship up north. What's that Fenreer? How are pirates going to fix their ship now? Well, if they really wanted to, they wouldn't have wasted 2 years killing each other. ”
azuma says “The place is looking sharp. ” (2008-07-01 00:18)
azuma rolls in a barrel full of rum (2008-07-01 00:18)
Fenreer says “"wasted two years killing each other"?? WASTED!? Killing other pirates is how pirates roll, my dear friend. You think the ship crashed accidentally?” (2008-07-01 00:24)
Fenreer says “We landed here only because we were all too busy killing one another to bother with such mundane chores as piloting the vessel or manning the sails!” (2008-07-01 00:25)
Fenreer says “Never, Never, Never trust a pirate who hasn't slain one of his own brethren! It's tradition!” (2008-07-01 00:25)
You say “Welcome back azuma! I am constructing this stage and we will begin shortly. Fenreer, I am not one to kill his mates. Ahh, this brings back memories... When me and my mates used to travel and visit”
You say “many places and, ehm, *buy* stuff and do many other *things*. But these are now things of the past and we are not here to reminisce about the pirate days. Maybe some other time.”
eptavian goes back to nailing the planks in what appears to be a rickety stage.
Hiram Israel Oates says “Woah, what is going on in here?” (2008-07-01 02:03)
Tracer says “Hiriam welcome; Creedy's just starting its welcoming celebration for new members and old members.” (2008-07-01 02:45)

eptavian throws away his tools and climbs onto the creaking and sloping stage and behind an upright tree stump which serves as a podium
You say “We are ready to start. Hello everyone! I am happy that so many people showed up for this welcoming ceremony. The proceedings will be available on our forum at some points. But I'd like to ask for a ”
You say “volunteer to also keep a log, in case Nate Hale or some other troubled soul decides to come and kill me. ”
You say “Before officially welcoming the new citizens to our Republic, I'd like to talk a bit about the history of Creedy, our organization, our customs and so on. I am sure not even the old citizens know most”
You say “of these things. So, what is with the name? Is there any relationship with the Fort Creedy in some other city, that is now plagues with an invasion of let's say "sick" people? The answer to this goes ”
You say “back to the earliest days of the discovery of this island. As far as I know, this place was named Fort Creedy by an individual named TheMalice. The reason is unknown, but it probably had to do with”
You say “his homesickness for his old city. So the name stuck, even though we have nothing to do with that other Fort Creedy in that other city. So, for a long time, even though Fort Creedy had a name, it had ”
You say “no inhabitants. That was until a guy named Keiichi, being the jokester that he was, spread a rumor that heavy swords could be found in the armoury to our NE. This caused a large number of people to ”
You say “come here, something like the gold rush era of Shartak. Among those people were the founders of the Republic, Justice Hart of York, Elegost and myself. Justice Hart proposed that since we are spending”
You say “all this time here, we should form a government, instead of letting Fort Creedy become a lawless place. So, thanks to Keiichi and Justice Hart our Republic was founded and I was elected President. ”
You say “Since then we have done nothing but grow. With the late Queen Hummingbird of Raktam we negotiated the establishment of a Commonwealth, which has turned out one of the strongest alliances and proved ”
You say “very helpful for Creedy. When rogue Pistoleers started attacking Creedy, we successfully repelled them, with the help of forces sent by Raktam. And when the Colonial Militia attempted to take over,”
You say “again Creedy forces aided by Raktam units delivered blow after blow on Serious Sam and his men, until they couldn't take it any longer and went back to York. That's basically the history of this place”
You say “and I am sure if I am forgetting something Tracer will correct me. Now, a few things that our new members should know: our traditions, laws and customs. Creedy is a tolerant place and everyone is ”
You say “welcome to visit and stay here, pirate, native or outsider. Our aim is to become a model settlement for peaceful coexistence. Another thing is we are somewhat like the foreign legion, we like to give ”
You say “everyone a chance, no matter what their past is. This is why people who at first may seem dangerous are allowed to stay here. And this gives them the chance to change their ways (as much as possible) ”
You say “and stop killing people who don't deserve it. And if I am allowed, the prime example of this is azuma, a self-proclaimed cannibal who is our first native citizen and my best native friend. Azuma has”
You say “changed his behavior after I invited him to join Creedy and now I believe only kills when he is hungry. So everyone is welcome and everyone is invited to become citizen. The only requirement is to”
You say “obey our laws. Which brings us to what our laws are. It's basically one: do not kill or attack people on the grounds of Fort Creedy. Elsewhere our laws do not apply, so we cannot say anything about”
You say “what you do, but attacking fellow Creedy citizens or our allies is frowned upon. Criminals are given the option to literally pay for their crimes and I am trying to give compensation to their victims.”
You give 5 gold coins to azuma.
You say “You can find more information in the wiki, or in our forum. And before I forget, every citizen is encouraged to join. By joining you will get access to secret areas about policies, foreign affairs etc”
You say “So go to and join. That concludes what I wanted to say and now I ask everyone to join me in officially welcoming the new citizens to our Republic. Those that are”
You say “here, cactus1, Recondo, GLP4X, Jerry Moore and benfster, and those who couldn't make it. Thanks to our new citizens our populations has almost doubled to 23 active citizens, making us one of the top ”
You say “clans in the game. Thank you and welcome! Now everyone is invited to a reception with free drinks! If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask me. Also, this would be an opportunity for the”
You say “new members to get to know the old ones, syal, Tracer, azuma, and our friends and allies, Loughbridge and Commodore Jacobi. So drink and mingle! Tomorrow we have a speech by Tracer (I think) who will ”
You say “talk about our Free Clinic and Creedy's commitment to the health and well-being of our citizens, followed by a career fair for those who are looking for a job. Enough spam for today, enjoy your drinks”
You say “Syal, I am guessing no alcohol for you.”


Tracer says “Good speech Eptavian; I would like make my own speech. A last minute one so it's not going to be a masterpiece...” (2008-07-01 06:10)
Tracer walks to the edge of the makeshift stage that seems ready to give way at any moment. (2008-07-01 06:10)
Tracer says “Well I've always been waiting for a day to see this part of Creedy have so many people in it; I may be a more later president but this has been one of my dreams as well to see Creedy prosper like this” (2008-07-01 06:12)
Tracer says “And you all are free to make your own dreams and futures; so cease the opportunity to make your future and others the reach their full potential.” (2008-07-01 06:14)
Tracer says “There are plenty of opportunities for everyone; whether they are pirate, native, or outsider. There are a good deal of positions open to everyone in almost every manner.” (2008-07-01 06:20)
Tracer says “So consider what you want your future will be; and cease the chance to make it a reality.” (2008-07-01 06:24)
Tracer says “Now as a closing announcement for my speech I'd like to say that if anyone is interested in becoming a Fort Creedy Free Clinic healer then talk to syal and me.” (2008-07-01 06:25)
Tracer turns to go off stage and the part he's standing on gives way and he tumbles to the floor in front. (2008-07-01 06:31)
Tracer says “Well that hurt; but I'm okay thanks to Eptavian's beer.” (2008-07-01 06:31)
Alex Rodrigo says “hello one, hello all” (2008-07-01 08:11)
syal says “I say, this IS what I call a party! Lovely to meet you all, Creedians.” (2008-07-01 13:51)
syal says “And cheers for taking care of the Nate Hale problem, Azuma.” (2008-07-01 13:52)
syal practices her shorthand skills by keeping notes (2008-07-01 13:52)
Nate Hale kills azuma with a heavy sword. (2008-07-01 18:26)
Nate Hale says “My second native kill today I'll see you all in Hell” (2008-07-01 18:26)
Recondo says “Nate's dead again; I caught up to him just southeast of here. That boy's quite a nuisance. Anyway...” (2008-07-01 18:40)
Recondo works his way around the room, shaking hands and introducing himself. (2008-07-01 18:41)
The spectral figure of azuma floats to the top of the ceiling and rises his voice to be heard from the ethereal mists (2008-07-01 22:30)
The ghostly voice of azuma whispers “That was quite the fźte, a most joyous occasion for all to take part in whether in corporeal form or not.” (2008-07-01 22:30)
The ghostly voice of azuma whispers “It is my distinct pleasure to stand with you all on this day, longtime citizens and newcomers alike, and reflect on how far we have come and just how bright our future truly is.” (2008-07-01 22:30)
The ghostly voice of azuma whispers “A settlement where indigenous peoples and their new-found allies from the lands beyond can come together under the banner of freedom and exchange cultural and artistic beliefs. ” (2008-07-01 22:31)
The ghostly voice of azuma whispers “. A place where we can embrace our own creed and share its customs with those who would study and learn while simultaneously sharing heritage of their own.” (2008-07-01 22:31)
The ghostly voice of azuma whispers “A mecca of opportunity where the exchange of ideas benefits us all. Kindred spirits united in the fight against tyranny and oppression. One republic for us all. ” (2008-07-01 22:32)
The ghostly voice of azuma whispers “From the first chance encounter i had with eptavian so long ago I knew that such a place was not only possible but must surely come to pass. ” (2008-07-01 22:32)
The ghostly voice of azuma whispers “Having seen so many good men and women work so diligently towards this common goal fills my heart with love and my soul with joy. ” (2008-07-01 22:33)
The ghostly voice of azuma whispers “ I am proud to call each and every one of you my friend, and will be with you every step of the way. Long is the struggle and hard the fight. ” with a slight accent. (2008-07-01 22:33)
The ghostly voice of azuma whispers “We are blessed on this day, let us never forget.” (2008-07-01 22:34)
yumi bushi kills Shane Schofield with a rifle. (2008-07-01 23:52)
Fenreer says “What a lovely set of speeches, even from the corpse. I am honored to stand amongst you, though not as a member, but as a friend, an ally, and one of the guys who does those things that people do...” (2008-07-02 00:15)
Tracer says “Shane I'll see if I can find that yumi bushi person.” (2008-07-02 01:33)
Tracer says “Sorry but too many tracks for me...” (2008-07-02 01:34)
Hiram Israel Oates says “That was quite magnificent. ” (2008-07-02 04:09)
Hiram Israel Oates says “I must say, my first visit to this lovely enclave was quite the surprise.” (2008-07-02 04:09)
Hiram Israel Oates says “My life belongs to the hunt, but know that where ever I may be, if I find a Creedian, they will find a friend.” (2008-07-02 04:10)
Hiram Israel Oates says “I also encourage all of you to join in on a kraken hunt. It is a fine and vigorous activity that will make hair grow on your chest!” (2008-07-02 04:10)
Hiram Israel Oates says “Good health and good hunting to all.” (2008-07-02 04:11)

You say “That was all nice, but I am afraid Hiram and Fenreer left before the whole thing is over. Oh, well, at least neither is a citizen. So, moving on...”
You say “As a typical politician, I talked about the citizens' obligatiions, but not their rights. Before the career fair, I'd like to say a few things about those rights. The citizens of Creedy are entitled ”
You say “to compensation if they get killed in Fort Creedy. They also receive free medical treatment when the clinic is open. That's basically it in Creedy, but we also have agreements with other places for ”
You say “the benefit of Creedians. The Royal Court of Raktam and the French are co-members in the Commonwealth, so any Creedian who visits those places (Raktam and Port Breton outside Derby) will be treated as”
You say “as if they were natives of Raktam or members of the French clan. So for example an outsider or pirate who visits Raktam will be protected because of their Creedy affiliation. I have personally tested ”
You say “this, and apart from the odd PKer, it works. A similar protection for Creedians exists with Derby (a recent agreement we signed) and unofficially with Durham. The only exception with Durham and Derby ”
You say “is that you must not be in their criminal or KOS lists. So a native who committed no crimes in Derby can visit it without fear, even though they might have outsider kills. Unfortunately the lack of ”
You say “government in Dalpok and the shipwreck did not allow me to negotiate a similar agreement. In those two places you are on your own. You can say you are coming from Creedy, and it might help in Dalpok, ”
You say “but it will not do any good in the shipwreck. And these are the citizen benefits (for now). Finally, it's time to talk about jobs! The unemployed rejoice!”
You say “One thing we are lacking is some sort of organizations. At the moment we have a functioning hospital, but we are lacking in everything else. We could use people in the following positions: police work”
You say “military/defense, trade, diplomacy, government, first aid/healing, hunting, scouting/patrols and anything else you can think of or come up with. I invite everyone who might be interested to say what ”
You say “they would like to do, full time or part time it doesn't matter, and try filling in in any position and see if they enjoy it. Pick something that you already do or you'd like to do and even though I ”
You say “cannot promise regular salaries, you will receive material and/or financial support from time to time (i.e. when I happen to see you). If you have any comments or questions, ask away. ”
You say “And that concludes the second day. Please help yourselves with those drinks left over from yesterday. ”
You say “For tomorrow, the plan is to answer any questions about jobs and solicit ideas and discussion about the future of Creedy. But for now, the topic is jobs. Enjoy!”


Alex Rodrigo says huzza - great speeches all, it's an honour to be part of this great republic - the best neighbour Rodrigo Island could wish for. (2008-07-02 06:14)
Alex Rodrigo throws extravagant hat into the air (2008-07-02 06:15)
Ethir Wraithwain says Superb! I am vexed thoroughly at the thought of waiting for tomorrow's celebrations! (2008-07-02 10:10)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-02 23:02)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-02 23:02)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-02 23:02)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-02 23:03)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-02 23:03)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-02 23:04)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-02 23:04)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-02 23:04)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-02 23:04)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-02 23:04)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-02 23:04)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-02 23:04)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-02 23:04)
Nate Hale says eh ran out of AP don't bother following me you wont find anthing (2008-07-02 23:05)
Mondo Cane uses a first aid kit on you and restores 10 health. (2008-07-03 00:00)
Mondo Cane uses a first aid kit on you and restores 10 health. (2008-07-03 00:00)
Mondo Cane uses a first aid kit on you and restores 10 health. (2008-07-03 00:00)
Mondo Cane uses a first aid kit on you and restores 10 health. (2008-07-03 00:00)
Mondo Cane uses a first aid kit on you and restores 10 health. (2008-07-03 00:00)
Mondo Cane uses a first aid kit on you and restores 10 health. (2008-07-03 00:00)
Tracer uses a first aid kit on you and restores 5 health. (2008-07-03 00:53)

You say Ethir, I am sure you enjoy the free booze. But I am glad that people are happy. Two days passed and only one day left! Let's get on with it!
You say I am a little surprised by the limited interaction. On one hand it's good there are no questions, it means I explained things really well. On the other, I was hoping to see more interest from job
You say applicants. I will assume that people are shy and want to talk to me in private. If so, either find me later or contact me in the forum. And that said, let's move to the last topic of discussion:
You say Creedy and the future
You say And I ask everyone to think: what is Creedy? What is the future? Why not Creedy and the past? Can we move the past into the future? Do we want to? Can we travel into the future? Are we already there?
You say And in more practical matters: what should we do now? How should Creedy operate? Should we undertake a national project, like put a man on the moon (or the top of the mountain)? What kind of policies
You say should we pursue? How should the government be organized? How long should the President's term be? How do we hold elections? Who can vote? Should we open hospitals in other places too?
You say My thoughts were to get a couple of people working in law enforcement, since we seem to have a constant supply of lunatics like Nate Hale. Get a couple of healers to can operate clinics in their towns
You say and a trader or two who can bring supplies to Creedy and the clinic. Regarding the government, we could have a diplomat/secretary of state to represent the Republic, a treasurer to pay
You say the aforementioned people, a couple of prefessional fighters who can come to help in times of crisis.
You say And then there is the issue of elections. Set a fixed time period of say 6 months for a presidential term and have elections. And to avoid zergers keep a list of long time citizens who can vote.
You say OR, we can just do away with all these complications and continue operating in semi-anarchy and with a President who is essentially a dictator with unlimited powers. (Not that I would mind).
You say So this is the chance for the people of Creedy to be heard. Any quips or ideas you may have, now is the time to voice them. Each one of you can help shape the future of Creedy!
You say And before I forget this for a third time, I'd like to give a special welcome to Alex Rodrigo, who is the second person to receive a honorary citizenship. Rodrigo is a famous explorer, and the first
You say to discover what is known as Rodrigo island. I am proud that he accepted my offer to join us. Our honorary citizenship program offers honorary citizenships (duh!) to people of island-wide fame and
You say significant contributions. The other honorary citizen, who unfortunately is not present, is Simon, the legendary discoverer of this island. My hope is this program to bring other people of high
You say caliber to our Republic. Mr. Rodrigo, it is an honor to have you with us, please accept this gift.
You give a gem to Alex Rodrigo.
eptavian gives a gem to Alex Rodrigo on a pedestal with inscription "Alex Rodrigo - honorary citizen of the Independent Republic of Fort Creedy"
You say and on the back "For his contribution in the exploration of Shartak island".
You say No drinks for today I am afraid, somebody broke into our cellar and drank everything. Don't forget, I am waiting for your ideas, opinions and questions.


Tracer says “Well Eptavian I think we might be better off having more healers here instead of spreading them thin across the island then they would have protection instead of becoming easy targets.” (2008-07-03 05:13)
Tracer says “And an idea for our government might be that a president like you is elected; they stay in office until at least 1/2 or 1/3 of the population oppose their rule. It would go about the same for all” (2008-07-03 05:14)
Tracer says “people in positions under you just maybe have only the group they are responsible for, the ones who count. Because otherwise a military could overthrow a medical branch or vice versa.” (2008-07-03 05:15)
Alex Rodrigo says “thank you so much, Eptavian - like I said, it is an honour to be part of this great republic” (2008-07-03 08:43)
Ethir Wraithwain says “Although I am no member of the Republic and am only a guest, I feel I should say something.” (2008-07-03 10:31)
Ethir Wraithwain says “Creedy has sheltered me and kept me safe for a longer time than I expected. It just reflects as to how effective this leadership is and the possible future this republic holds.” (2008-07-03 10:32)
Ethir Wraithwain says “Eptavian has led this republic through crisis, peacetime and war and has earned my respect. I vote to name him King Eptavian of Creedy!” (2008-07-03 10:34)
Ethir Wraithwain says “A better leader can be found nowhere except the Master. Three hails for Eptavian, righteous and just!” (2008-07-03 10:35)
Ethir Wraithwain falls silent now and returns to drinking. (2008-07-03 10:36)
Mckee says “Eptivian, I think the republic is a wonderful organisation, and I hope you would not begrudge me joining? I'd certainly be happy to run and bring back supplies for creedy, just tell me what is needed.” (2008-07-03 21:55)
Mckee says “Woops, slight spelling error, bugger.” (2008-07-03 21:58)
Cody notRay Orr says “I'll join but don't expect me to do anything but avenge my death. I'm quite lazy.” (2008-07-04 03:36)

You say “These are good ideas Tracer. This way would help us avoid unnecessary elections. This is pretty much how we were operating until now, so until people demand change I guess we'll continue the same way.”
You say “Ethir, I remind you that you are essentially on probation. This is a republic, we have no kings or royalty. Any attempt to institute a monarchy will be considered a coup d'état.”
You say “Other than that, thank you for your compliments (I think). ”
You say “Mckee, I am glad you decided to join us. We will be thankful for any supplies you bring. At the moment I think we only need FAKs for the clinic. Tracer and Syal are the people to talk to for details.”
You say “Cody, everybody does what they like, nobody is forced to do anything. Even the people who help do it because they want to. If you just want to hang around and enjoy the sun you are welcome to do so.”
You say “This concludes our welcoming event. I hope you enjoyed your time here and found the whole event informatinve and interesting. If you have any late ideas or comments, do not hesitate to contact me, in ”
You say “game or in the forum. Thank you all for coming and for suffering my incessant talking for three days. Take care. ”
eptavian gets of the stage, leaves and returns holding a big can. He proceeds to dowse the stage with a some liquid.
You say “Anyone has any matches? Ah, thank you Ethir. ”
eptavian lights a match and throws it on the stage which starts burning very brightly.
You say “We don't have any fireworks to mark the end of the ceremony, so this will have to do. ”
eptavian looks at the fire as it gets bigger and bigger. Almost half of the hall is filled with flames. Some people look concerned.
You say “Don't worry everybody, there is no fire code in Creedy, so it's all permitted under the law. Ahh, this reminds me of my earlier life as a pirate.. We used to light such fireword substitutes in every ”
You say “place we raided, errr, we visited I mean. ”
Ethir Wraithwain says “Ah, I forget my place Eptavian. Thank you for reminding me.” (2008-07-04 11:15)
Ethir Wraithwain admires the burning stage. It reminds him of some far of village of ursurpers that were slaughtered and put to the sword. (2008-07-04 11:16)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-04 14:56)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-04 14:56)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-04 14:57)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-04 14:57)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-04 14:57)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-04 14:57)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-04 14:57)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-04 14:57)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-04 14:57)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-04 14:57)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-04 14:58)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-04 14:58)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-04 14:58)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-04 14:58)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-04 14:58)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. (2008-07-04 14:59)
Nate Hale attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. You die. (2008-07-04 14:59)