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The French

"Other countries drink to get drunk, and this is accepted by everyone; in France, drunkenness is a consequence, never an intention. A drink is felt as the spinning out of a pleasure, not as the necessary cause of an effect which is sought: wine is not only a philtre, it is also the leisurely act of drinking." -Roland Barthes

The French|-style="background-color: #ffffff; text-align: center;" Le-francais.jpg
Leadership: Emperor Napoleon
Members: 25 Million
Goals: To make love, to live, to drink, to jump off of our peninsula
Recruitment policy: You must have the love for the pleasure
Contact: If you are sitting in a cafe at mid-day, then you have already contacted us, but our in-game page is here:

- The French

This group has always existed, for the French spirit is a spirit as eternal as our God and our peninsula.

- Events

The Landing of Baron Robert Surcouf: After a successful campaign as a privateer fighting against the English during the Napoleanic wars of freedom, Surcouf was sent to Shartak to maintain the interests of liberty and Empire in the New World. Surcouf landed in 1813 and immediately scouted out the great bulk of the island. After his reconoiter, Surcouf made contact with the Court of Raktam and was made Head of the Garrison at Fort Creedy, that bastion of freedom, when troops were sent to protect the liberties of the members and associates of the Commonwealth. Surcouf gallantly led the combined forces of Raktami, Creedyite and mercenary troops against the nefarious First Colonial Militia, who threatened the liberty of Creedy by attempting to restore the vile, besotten and English monarchist principle. With this victory Surcouf felt that it was safe to begin French colonization. Napolean was contacted, and an official treaty was smuggled to Shartak by a drunken Jacobin Irishman. The courrier was captured by English interests, but managed to send a copy of the treaty to Surcouf by co-opting the help of a one-legged lemur. Thereby, the alliance between Raktam, Creedy and the French was assured for all eternity.

Il de la Chemin-Midi: With this alliance secured, small bands of intrepid French men and women, citizens, began to appear in small but vigorous, but not too vigorous, groups. In the summer of 1814, Hercule Le Tof, a former vinter from the county of Anjou, set up the first French encampment, a casino on the island named Il de la Chemin-Midi. People from all over Shartak flocked to the island for the classic French way of living: gambling, prostitutes, the Catholic Church, nude sun-bathing. However, as Napolean's fortunes changed and the weight of the entire planet began to shift against him, set about by the bastard English, Il de la Chemin-Midi began to grow too dangerous to support. Jealous of the liberties, pleasures and joy of the French, various forces conspired to eject the French from the island. The French fought gallantly, but soon they realized that it was not worth fighting over an island. A peninsula is a noble prize, a river perhaps, but not an island. So the French willingly and joyfully left the island shouting defiant curses as they left.

Casino Royale

The Founding of Port Breton

- Goals

- Objective Guide Lines

  • 01. To make love and war
  • 02. To destroy the English
  • 03. To serve our Catholic Church
  • 04. To maintain our prostitutes
  • 05. To jump from our peninsula into the Atlantic Ocean
  • 06. To look into the face of Cape Cod

- Allies

  • 01.Commonwealth of Raktam
  • 02.Republic of Fort Creedy

- Want to join?

We ask nothing of you but that you be French, nothing more and nothing less