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Scavengers mask.png
In-game page
Leadership: Armadox the Butcher
Members: anyone without need for allegiance
Goals: slay anything moving
Recruitment policy: email provided adress

"Meet interesting people... and kill them, visit interesting places...and burn them, deceive children with lollypops...abduct them, sell them or use them as child soldiers. Join the Scavengers."-Marvin

The dense jungle makes or breaks the natives of Shartak, and those who have long since abandoned the rational world have become deranged, murderous cannibals. The Scavengers are what the outsiders call the exiles of the island. Be they natives or outsider ilk, the Scavengers are a new form of danger to the island. Do not try to bargain with the Scavengers, as anything that moves seems to be their enemies.

(The Scavengers are for players who find no need for allegiance to any town, and instead prefer wandering shaman and player killing.)

The Scavengers was the first official clan to be created in Shartak.


  • Raise our numbers for larger attack parties.
  • Set up a private centeralized form of talk between Scavenger members.
  • Kill anything that moves not wearing a wooden mask.
  • mobilize on Raktam and form assassin packs. Preferably 2 packs of three scavengers.

Special Information

  • Scavengers have been linked with the arson of the raktam tavern.