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Scav Talk

-Scavenger discussion thread. This is where everyone can speak their mind on Scavenge doings, events, and inner workings of the clan. Anyone can say something, but please don't edit others posts, or anything on the front page itself. -Armadox the Butcher

A list of ghosts to be

Scavengers are not looked kindly toward, but we look after our own. There are some people willing to target us out religiously, or worst holds a bounty on us. This list will be for Scavengers to request sweet vengence on some doomed soul. Please put the name, profile link, area last seen, and clan from the victim to be. If a scavenger kills one of the people on the list, please edit it, and add a screenshot of the kill. Thank you.


I have just made a list of all the groups operation in a certain city on the city articles. I could not find out where your group is based. Please add your group under the correct cities. -Che 05:37, 7 January 2007 (UTC)