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oh hai der. how is u? chexs owt who me killed!


Name: Che

Level: 21

Class: Soldier

Clan(s): Eastern Federation, The Shartak Communist Party


  • Basic language- Understand the smaller words of foreign languages
    • Advanced language- Better understanding of foreign languages
      • Expert language- Full comprehension of foreign languages
  • Close quarter combat- Gain 10% to hit with melee attacks
    • Advanced close quarter combat- Gain 15% to hit with melee attacks
      • Balanced Stance- Sometimes turn a miss into a glancing blow
  • Body building- Increases melee damage
    • Stamina- Increases max HP by 20
  • Ghostly whisper - Allows spirits to communicate.
  • Exploration- Helps you remember some of the places you've been
    • Cartography- Stops you forgetting where you've visited
    • Trekking- Faster movement through the jungle
  • Basic tracking- With some difficulty, you can track animals and people
    • Advanced tracking- You can track animals and people who were here recently
  • Clan leadership- Allows you to start your own clan or help lead one
  • Sixth sense- Sense presence of and hear spirits
  • Native knowledge- Outsiders gain basic native knowledge
  • Triage- Be able to tell who is most injured
    • First aid- Heal 10 HP with a first aid kit
  • Firearms training- Gain 20% on firearms attacks
    • Advanced firearms training- Gain another 20% on firearms attacks