Knights of the IRC Channel

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Knights of the IRC Channel
In-game page
Members: Quite a few, and increasing all the time
Goals: Socialising and having a laugh
Recruitment policy: Anyone who frequents the IRC channel
Contact: irc://

Knights of the IRC Channel have been formed with the sole shameless mission of promoting use of the Shartak IRC channel. Membership is open to all IRC users/contributors.

How to get on IRC

  1. You'll need a client, if you don't already have one. Windows users can use X-Chat ( NB. Use this link and not the official xchat website as otherwise you will only get a free trial version.
  2. After you install and launch it, you'll see a window labeled "Server List".
  3. Set the nick name(s) you want to be seen as. Then, click the "Add" button. Type in "Shartak", then click edit.
  4. Replace "newserver/6667" with "".
  5. Click the "Connect to this network at startup" check box.
  6. Enter "#Shartak" in the "Channels to join" blank.
  7. Then click "Close" and double click on the "Shartak" network you just added.


5th October (or thereabouts)

The challenge was to take Marvin's avatar, modify it in some way, and then use it as your own avatar on the official forum. It didn't take long for it to be noticed -

An image of all avatars used can be found here: [1]


Any of the channel operators can change the topic, and frequently someone makes a comment that is either amusing or can be deemed dubious when taken completely out of context. Here are some of the more memorable.

Date Set by who? Topic
2007.07.10 Spookey^ <lama_in> you need to rename med hut to derby morgue rofl
2007.07.17 Spookey^ <]lama[> my typo feels deeply offended
2007.07.22 Simon Island life with backpacks
2007.07.24 ]lama[ Island life with backpacks ...and giant spiders?
2007.07.29 ^Simon^ Island life with backpacks ...and giant centipedes?
2007.07.29 ]lama[ Island life with backpacks ...and giant centipedes or other venomous npcs?
2007.08.03 lama_no1 Island life with pancakes
2007.08.04 lama_no1 Island life with backpacks full of pancakes
2007.08.07 lama_no1 used to sit naked in the fridge
2007.10.06 Spookey^ * Simon^ hides behind Spookey^, "Kilshrek, take his brains.. they're tastier than mine"
2007.10.07 Spookey^ <Kilshrek> the only good pr0n is blonde pr0n
2007.10.07 lama_no1 <lama_no1> great now we're all perverts, thanks simon
2007.10.07 ^Simon^ <foof> I went down again / will blow my bullets tomorrow
2007.10.08 foof <Lexy> I read my cereal packet sometimes
2007.10.11 ^Simon^ <Spookey^> The deer is 'serviced', lama! // Just wait until I service the lama!
2007.10.12 ^Simon^ <lama_no1> you mean these potatoes can see my underwear?
2007.10.12 ^Simon^ <Spookey^> being tagged as a 'pervert' is cool!
2007.10.13 Spookzzzz <Armadox> I'm no hero, I'm an asshole and I hate people..
2007.10.15 lamarb <Spookey^> I got Billy hot on my ass!
2007.10.16 lamaway <Spookey^> I like to try different occasionally
2007.10.18 Spookey^ <Armadox> I've been fiddling with it for a while.
2007.10.19 lama_no8 <crashbot> ANAGRAM: ANAL RETURN? (20 points)
2007.11.06 ^Simon^ <Armadox> If I could timetravel I'd probably touch myself.. hell why not.
2007.11.06 lama_no1 <Spookey^> Shargle-hex 9 pwns shield!
2008.1.21 lama_no1 ^Simon^: Yeah, TheMalice is busy having sex in a barn with lama and CowNose is resizing Tom's big ones..
2008.08.15 Spookey^ SkullFace slaps Spookey with a cannibal war club "STFU, we're watching!"
2009.5.22 SkullFace "TomFailur> hmm my pussy smells slightly of cinammon | AliceBeth> Really? You get that too?"