Colonial Police

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Colonial Police
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In-game page
Leadership: Macdonald
Members: 22 active.
Goals: Keeping the peace.
Recruitment policy: Simply talk to us at the CPHQ or place your profile under the "List of Members" on this page.
Contact: The best way to contact us for any reason is our forum (unregistered-guest posts welcome).

The Colonial Police

The Colonial Police are a group of outsiders devoted to keeping the peace, which is based in the great city of York. The primary mission of the CP is to stop criminals and defend the settlement of York from marauders, invaders, raiders, terrorists, madmen and the like. Any person who has killed innocent outsiders in the York area will be killed in punishment by the CP. We keep an extensive criminals list, including a "Most Wanted" section. We are currently offering protection to only certain natives (notably pro-York shamans who assist with getting rid of spirits).

The proud tradition of the Colonial Police goes all the way back to the height of the First Battle of York, when on April 25, 2006, the Colonial Police was formed to protect the settlers in and around York from violent criminals.

How you can report criminals

Have you been murdered or witnessed a murder? If so, please report it to the Colonial Police. The easiest method is to post a topic on our forums. If you choose this method, please list the criminal's (or criminals') name in the topic name. (Note: You do not have to register to post a listing.) However, you can also stop by CzEcHy's Tavern in York, (-70.368,+26.313) and report the crime in there. Thank You.

We are always looking for new members. As long as you know what we're about, you can join. Just place your name and profile under the 'List of Members' below. If you join, stop by the CzEcHy's Tavern in York for a drink and a chat, and be sure to talk us on the forum.


Past Leaders

MickR (Founder of the CP. Led the CP from April 2006 until his departure from York in late August 2006 to explore Shartak.)
Arwedda (Founder of the CP, and co-leader until October 2006, when he left to pursue a business venture.)
Kjendlie (Led the CP from late August 2006 till he left York in mid-May 2007.)

Current Leader

Old Macdonald



Active AWOL/Inactive Prominent and/or Infamous ex-Members
anakin-skywalker Ozzy Baxter Riddick
Shane Vizerdrix MickR (founder)
Kjendlie leathel99764 Arwedda (founder)
guest radiohead1102 Colonel (expelled for selling secrets to enemies of York)
Che Admiral Nelson......... Sora Lamal
soldierguy bowie Local traitor Zydd Soral
Ethal Merman the V corperal sayt
Old Macdonald Bubba Jesus
Chalice TalynDerre Tarquin
Jim Hawkins Liktai Nighter
sayt halocakes keiichi (Expelled for excessive torso-collecting while on duty.)
Berenice van Buren Frank Comboling Javier Sortani (Left after realizing he was an anti-CP activist.)
Ownslaught Seloth Broderick
Alloysius rara56
Grey Ghost Colonel Curtis
SettlerSam Cisisero
Lt. Frank Drebin Duke Eric Kelso
Klaus The Wretched
Lord Varen
Doctor Hodo

Alliances and Friends



List of Criminals



  • Herman Owen is wanted for killing Officer Sgt Nicholas Angel in the Colonial Police Headquarters.
  • ScabBiter - Put down by loyal officer Lt. Frank Drebin
  • OtaconUnprovoked murder
  • K19 Killed Lexus and claiming to be on a killing rampage.
  • Claude Strauf Unprovoked murder
  • Fear and Gunslinger Unprovoked murder of un-combat oriented CP member, Dr Hodo
  • Lukas AlexanderUnauthorized disorderly behavior and stupidly
  • Serious Sam York’s most notorious nut job. Will be found cowering in the jungle with is alt Lukas.
  • John RamboFor being stupid enough to listen to Sam’s lies (another possible alt)
  • Keiichi



June, 2007

  • June 5th Pirate Raid commences

May, 2007

  • May 29, 2007 - Active-member rise!
  • May 28, 2007 - Inactive-member purge.
  • May 16, 2007 - In honor of the new dawn of the Colonial Police under Captain Old Macdonald, and to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Colonial Police, the CP today declared the opening of festivities. A blanket amnesty for all criminals and crimes was also declared. As such, the CP wanted lists have been cleared and emptied. For the first time since the clan was founded, there is no one wanted by the CP. Celebrations for Captain Macdonald and of the CP's one-year anniversary ran all night at Czechy's Tavern. Unfortunately, ex-captain Kjendlie was the last of the revelers to leave the next morning, thus was stuck paying the tab.
  • May 15, 2007 - Long-time Captain of the Colonial Police, Kjendlie, has stepped down and handed his powers to Old Macdonald, a long-time loyal officer.

Older News

Older news items, all the way back to our founding on April 25, 2006, can be found here.