Tavern Owners and Patrons of Shartak

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Tavern Owners and Patrons of Shartak
In-game page
Leadership: czech1
Members: 15+ so far.
Goals: To get drunk?
Recruitment policy: Anyone who owns or visits any of the taverns on Shartak
Contact: [1]

The Tavern Owners and Patrons of Shartak

On March 18th, the clan was founded by a man named czech1, he sought to make a clan of all the drunks, and tavern owners on the island of Shartak. There are really no rules to the clan, just try not to kill eachother.

How do you join/Who may join?

  • You must frequently visit/sleep in/ or own a Tavern.
  • You must be respectful of each Tavern owners rules.
  • You must have a nice attitude towards other clan members, they are fellow drunks you know.
  • You can be an outsider or an native, seeing there is a Tavern in Raktam.



March 19th, 2007

Wiki made, for no reason except to look cool.

March 18th, 2007

The clan is formed.