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Outside, the hut looks like any other colonial building; the sort you may have seen around any port town in the 1700's. Stone walls, metal framed windows, wooden supports, and a sloped slate room. The sign over the door advertises it as a tavern, while the sheer size of the building lends it more to the statue of a department store. In truth, it's a tavern within a shop, a load of tables near a man who sells many thing that include drinks.

Further Description

Stepping inside, you are greeted by the finest tavern this side of the island. The rectangular entrance room is a clutter of tables and chairs of a rich imported oak and leather benches around the walls, lanterns placed on each table to give shape and form to the gloom.

Along one wall is a collage of Derby Privateers and Derby Hospitallers members - with thier coat of arms above the bar, some pictures are mug-shots and others are from secret locations in the jungle. Under the photograph of Captain Zombie are a crossed rifle and cutlass. (Other privateers/hospitallers and weapons to go in here)

Trader Tom stands behind an expensive oak bar, poslishing glasses between customers. One minute he's pulling a pint and the next he's selling ammo. Behind him are shelves of food, drink and sundries, as well as rack upon rack of machetes and rifles.

A list of rules is pinned to the wall by the bar, next to a sign that proclaims 'If you're still standing, then you need another rum!'


  • Dont kill in here, unless the victim is logged onto the Derby Prvateers Wanted pages.
  • Treat Natives as friendly in here, unless said to be otherwise.
  • Breaking rule 1 will get you onto the Wanted list.
  • NO SMOKING (unless its 'dried herb', in which case, pass the pipe)
  • Breaking rule 4 will result in a hard slap in the face, OR your bong shall be confescated.


Derby Tavern is in the Trader's Hut, and is a safehouse run by the Eastern Federation. It was opened by RobZombie on December 25th 2006, being inspired by CzEcHy's Tavern.

General Info

  • Any visiting native should sleep there without fear of being wantonly killed in the streets.
  • Any outsider can sleep in there safely, as the number of people inside will give many eyes to witness a murder. Any murders witnessed should be reported straight to the Privateers, its ultra-bad manners to actualy KILL somebody in a bar room brawl.
  • Rum, Beer and Water will be avalable from the Barman/Trader, as the Privateers will sell on thier unwanted beverages for the enjoyment of Derby citezens.
  • The Tavern provides an alternate safehouse to the other Eastern Federation safehouse, Derby Hospital - run by the Derby Hospitallers. This is the 1st Derby Privateers Safehouse.
  • Basicaly, use the hospital if you want healing and safety, use the tavern if you want liver damage and safety.

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