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Captain of the 1st Derby Privateers. Beat THAT for a qualification...

Also, a pagan, who will kick the ass of any dick who tries to push any religion into Derby. He occasionaly maintains a sort of 'Free Temple' near the Bank. A place where any religion can worship without imposing on the other religions in town. Dont preach, dont get shot. Preach, get a headshot.

If you want to join the Privateers, then sign up over the wiki and post in the discussion of this profile, or talk to me in the HQ in Derby, north of the medical hut and south of the ammo hut OR you can join the forums.

In the immortal words of Dio; We rock.

About the player, not some f**kwit's blog

My name's is Tom Sorsby, I live in Steel City, England. Well, its actualy called Sheffield, but we make the word's best steel. Steel = a heavy metal. I like heavy metal, mostly the music styles of Running Wild, Iron Maiden, Manowar and Sonata Arctica, but I have loads of other bands on my PC.

I'm 16 (at last update) , most people are suprised when they see me because I look about 21. I'm usualy dressed in black jeans, black leather boots (not the nu-rock kind), some form of black/band shirt and either a leather jacket, trenchcoat or denim jacket. Current hair; brown and past my shoulders. Boring I know, typical Metalhead.

I'm currently working on several projects; my police force, the Derby Privateers and the trading/raiding life of my alt character/brother, David Rozen of the (formerly) Jolly Roger Gang, founding member of the Pirate Defense Force sub-group, and one of teh leaders of teh new Brotherhood Of The Coast (the one with no wiki). In the game Urban Dead I play as a survivor in Shore Hills - just made a new clan called the Shore Hills Survivors (not original, I know) and with my other character i'm keeping the lights on in Rolt Heights as the Burchell Arms Regular's Red Balfour, Light Man.

Out of the internet, I'm trying to kick-start a heavy metal band with my friends, I'm on vocals and I'm also writing/planning a Terry Pratchett-esque novel set in a fantsy world of my own making. It features David Rozen as a main character aboard his ship, the Black Diamond. I thought of the name loooong before Pirates Of The Carribbean, so i'm not ripping it off. It's actaly named after a Stratovarious song or a Kiss song, and I'm sure other bands have named a song that too.

Future projects for that world include a zombie survival series with the character Red Balfour (female this time, as originaly planned), a sequal to the David Rozen thing (maybe more) and an urban-warfare thingy. That one is a little like Necromunda but not in the future.

In years to come, I look forward to being a proffesional writer and I've already taken steps down that path. I've been writing seriously since I was about 10, and with each book I finish and then scrap as a load of s**t, I've gotten better and better at it. I think i'm almost ready to write one that will be published, so watch out for my name - you could very well find me in the bookstore in, uh five years. Anybody who wants to offer me some advice or criticise my work, I can send you a copy if you ask for it in my discussion page. (note: So far, over a dozen people have done this via Shartak or Urban Dead forums and e-mail, and I've altered my old style dramaticaly. It now rocks hard. Realy hard.)


Guilder.png This user or clan supports the Identify Friend or Foe initiative. Thanks to Nighter of the CP for the pic. Well, he was CP when he made it.