The South Shartak Trading Company

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The South Shartak Trading Company
In-game page
Leadership: Jack W Spalding
Members: 10 so far
Goals: To provide items to villages and towns which are normally unavailable.
Recruitment policy: Outsiders, natives and pirates welcome, but must adhere to our code of conduct.
Contact: TSSTC's Forum Topic


To the newly arrived and the longly settled alike:

You have come to this brave new world seeking your fortune, your adventure, or just your livelihood, and one can think of no braver undertaking than to conquor this uncharted wilderness. But with it comes the promise of fortunes great and exotic, as well as the need for items both mundane and essential. Where there is human civilization, there will always be trade, and to that, we aim to accomodate.

As of the day of March 28th of the 1906th year of our Lord and onward, The South Shartak Trading Company has been established in the hopes of opening communications and commerce lines to all known settlements on the Island of Shartak. We facilitate in the movement of supplies from community to community in hopes making our own fortune and bettering the lives of all those on the island. I am already trying to dangerous trek from Shipwreck Beach (the home of the pirates) via Derby, then York, for trade of their valuable rums and much sought after cutlasses. Someday I hope to establish other routes to and from Shipwreck Beach, and even create trading routes between the villages of the natives and the outsiders.

This enterprise is dangerous, but it does have alot of potential. Whom among you are brave enough to challenge the jungles and bring civilization forth?

Then contact The South Shartak Trading Company. You may even choose your own trade route to take (at your own risk of course). There are even no deadlines... make your own pace, but since you are in it for your profit as well as the company, it is hoped that your pace will be encouraged as such. And since we know well the dangers of the jungles, know that any nearby traders of The South Shartak Trading Company will be glad to assist.

Sign up to become a member, and go out there to strike out your fortune!


Our mission is to send valuables from one village to the other, valuables that are normally inaccessible to the people therein. For the natives, that means our firearms, ammunition, alcohol, and our much coveted GPS units. The pirates have expressed their interests in widening their palate with samples of Shartak brewed beer and the use of first aid kits, while villagers thirst for exotic native wares and weapons, as well as pirate cutlasses and Salty Bob's Pirate Rum.

It is our job to make sure these items get to these people, by finding them, then travelling to these villages and dropping them off to their trading huts.


Jack W Spalding is the Founder and CEO of The South Shartak Trading Company. A vice president and chief financial officer has yet to be elected.


The Founding Three:

  • Jack W Spalding Founder and CEO, played by Lord Shade.
  • TET Trader and Liason Officer to the Royal Expedition, played by Tom Failur.
  • John Chapman Trader and Adventurer, played by Lint.

Members of TSSTC:

Organizations in Good Stead

These are the following groups that I consider good friends of The South Shartak Trading Company:

The Civilized Highway Society for their contribution to Shartak's road and trade network. For their colossal efforts, any member of The South Shartak Trading Company is authorized to aide this organization in any way it can. That includes mapping information and road construction.

The Colonial Police for trying to keep the peace in York. I hope they soon expand to the other villages. It's getting rough out there, so give them your support.

Our Code of Conduct

We have a few simple rules to live by:

  1. Natives, outsiders and pirates are to be treated equally. They are all business partners to us, and therefore must be regarded with impartiality.
  2. Do not go attacking other people unless provoked. For example, if you are an outsider that spots a native, do not proceed to take its life. But if it attacks you, the company authorizes you to use lethal force.
  3. Shamans are our friends. Leave them be.
  4. Traders are essential to business. Leave them be.
  5. Do not try to embroil The South Shartak Trading Company into any trade wars by provoking any responses from hostile parties. We do not start wars, only finish them. So lets not try to start another Opium War, ok?


Necklaces of any type, shape or form! Again, mention town and price.

Heavy swords, for those willing to sell or trade. Negotiations can be done on our discussion page.

The trader's huts are always looking for goods. GPS's, driftwood, boozes, weapons, anything useful. Drop them off at your local trader's hut.

Most Wanted List

The Most Wanted List has been reset! Congratulations to those under our list! From here on in, it is suggested that all traders of the SSTC report any deaths to the discussion page, or to the Colonial Police, which are better equipped to handle these situations. However, it doesn't mean that people can attack SSTC merchants freely. All merchants are heavily armed and are authorized to attack any hostiles to protect themselves and their goods.

OOC Policy

It is asked that only members of The South Shartak Trading Company are allowed to edit this page, and anyone outside of this group doing so shall and will be accused of Wiki sabotage. Thank you.

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