Shartak Cryptozoological Society

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Come Scour Shartak for Strange, Wonderful, and Possibly Quite Hungry and Deadly Creatures!

We are now official!

Shartak Cryptozoological Society|-style="background-color: #c3ddc3; text-align: center;" In-game page
Leadership: John Sevier, founder
Members: 3 (includes Mr. Sevier's pet badger)
Goals: To peacefully search Shartak for undiscovered and fantastic fauna (and possibly flora)
Recruitment policy: Open to both outsiders and peaceful natives
Contact: Via the Talk page


The goal of the inimitable Shartak Cryptozoological Society is to seek out and catalog the variety of organisms native to this island, especially ones that defy the questionable laws of nature. The founder, John Sevier, came to Shartak after having a vision about the existence of the mythical Hypno-Toad here(though this may have been due to the consumption of his homemade rum). Even if no such species exist, at least the members can discuss all of the suspicious shadows and unknown sounds of the local fauna over a cold pint.


  • John Sevier (Founder, Chairman, and Bursar)
  • Sir Reginald Scouxliebute (Badger, and Vice-Chairman)
  • Rob Ottriu (first non-imaginary member)


  • A love of exploration and new discoveries
  • A non-violent approach to natives and outsiders alike (though self-defense is allowed)
  • An ability to suspend disbelief in light of the evidence that there are probably nothing other than parrots, monkeys, crabs, et cetera inhabiting Shartak

Members will be expected to freely explore Shartak and bring news of any rare animal sightings, if there are any.

In addition, members should strive to be cooperative with other clans and respective of their territories.

Current Goals

  1. Establish offices in each settlement.
  2. Explore Shartak and note which species are encountered.
  3. Fabricate stories of exotic animals to keep our lordly patrons satisfied.
  4. To have fun and provide advice for new arrivals...right before we incessantly suggest they join us.

Target Species

  • Priority AAA: Hypno-Toad
  • Priority A: Duck-Billed Platypus
  • Priority B: A mate for Sir Reginald
  • Priority C: Anything not a monkey...damn monkeys, with their vicious biting attacks!!


Due to his Shartakian Sleeping Sickness (probably caused by repeated monkey bites), Mr. Sevier has been in hibernation, and has now awoken to discover that his HQ is once again occupied. Never one to be bitter, he has taken this opportunity to explore the island.

Mr. Sevier has encountered a bear on at the mountain cave; here is hoping he does become not bear food.

Mr. Sevier was interviewed in The Yorkman/Issue 002 regarding the SCS.

Policies Observed

Guilder.png This user or clan supports the Identify Friend or Foe initiative.