First Battle of York

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Scroll.PNG This is a historical article, describing a past event or events that occurred on Shartak.

The Native Incursion

During the outsiders' first spring on Shartak, Shartak's first major conflict broke out. Natives from Dalkpok launched a major attack on the outsider settlement of York.

The Tide Turns

About this time, pirates from the shipwreck drifted down to York. Finding York under attack, they joined forces with York's defenders. At the same time, Dalpok began to come under pirate attack as well, with Yorkmen joining in. In addition, the Colonial Police were founded around this time to patrol the area. With their home threatened, and their raid on York facing unified outsider resistance, the natives fell back.


The First Battle of York had three significant effects. First, after the natives' loss, the outsiders have not faced another significant native threat. Second, the foundation of the Colonial Police has had a significant effect on York, providing a persistent defense against threats. Third, the large number of pirates in York led directly to the Second Battle of York.