Second Battle of York

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Scroll.PNG This is a historical article, describing a past event or events that occurred on Shartak.


In the wake of the First Battle of York, there was a significant pirate presence in York. With the native threat effectively ended, some pirates began to turn on their former York allies. Reportedly small scale at the outset, the conflict escalated when the Mercenaries' Guild, presumably on a contract, intervened against the city of York.

Anti-Pirate Sentiment

It is not clear how or when the Second Battle of York ended. The results are more clear-cut. Anti-mercenary and anti-pirate feelings skyrocketed in York. These feelings found an outlet in the Order of Patriots, an implacably anti-pirate and anti-mercenary group. Later, the foundation of the Pirate Hunters was attributed to the same sentiment.


With the foundation of the York-based Order of Patriots and the Pirate Hunters (widely perceived as a York-based group), York quickly acquired a reputation for its intolerance of pirates and mercenaries. The OoP's rhetoric and activities, coupled with the PH's raids against the shipwreck, may have eventually led to the Third Battle of York.