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Prominent locations on Shartak include several villages, a wrecked ship, many ruins, and countless fruit trees. The island itself, about 67.4 km from east to west and 26.8 km from north to south according to GPS figures, is composed of a wide variety of terrain types.


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Camps are locations on Shartak that serve as starting and respawning points. They feature specific resource huts for medical supplies, ammunition, and trading.


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The terrain of Shartak is diverse, consisting of types such as jungle, grassland, swamp and beaches. Water features include sea, lakes, rivers and a pool. Each type of terrain affects movement and searches differently.

Natural landmarks

The terrain of Shartak also contains several unique natural landmarks, such as the huge central mountain. The mountain contains many special areas, including a waterfall, a mountain ledge, and a network of caves and tunnels.


The in-game icons for signpost, hut, and ruin details.

A detail appears as a separate icon over the underlying terrain color. There can only be one detail in any location. For example, if there is a plant or ruins or hut in your current location, then you cannot construct a signpost. Heavy jungle conceals details. If you chop down enough jungle to reveal a fruit plant, hut, or other detail, you receive an XP reward.

Fruit plants

The in-game icons for apple tree, mango tree, banana tree, pumpkin patch and berry bush details.

All fruit plants have unique icons except berry bushes. Tasty berry bushes and poisonous berry bushes appear identical. A search at a location with a plant is an attempt to search specifically for that sort of fruit or berry, not an attempt to search the surrounding jungle for other items. Either you find a ripe fruit or berry or you do not, but you cannot find a non-fruit where a fruit tree or bush stands.

It is unknown whether different fruit plants have different find rates. It is unknown whether the density of the jungle affects the find rate (some believe that clearing the jungle slightly increases the find rate). Please submit data to Search odds condensed.

  • Search cost: 1 AP
    • Approx find rates (55%): fruit/berry (55%)

Berry bushes

Outsiders see "a bush covered in berries." For natives (or outsiders with Native Knowledge), the bush is revealed as either a tasty berry bush ("a leafy bush covered in berries") where each berry heals 2 HP or a poisonous berry bush ("a thorny bush covered in berries") where each berry inflicts 2 HP damage. This information can also be gleaned by eating a berry. Searching provides a ready source of berries.

  • Known locations of tasty berry bushes:

[-70.130,+26.405], [-70.131,+26.416], [-70.231,+26.434], [-70.243,+26.425], [-70.249,+26.472], [-70.273,+26.377], [-70.278,+26.384], [-70.285,+26.360], [-70.280,+26.364], [-70.297,+26.402], [-70.297,+26.474], [-70.382,+26.340], [-70.396,+26.335], [-70.461,+26.411], [-70.476,+26.481], [-70.492,+26.493]

  • Known locations of poisonous berry bushes:

[-70.210,+26.447], [-70.214,+26.433], [-70.220,+26.424], [-70.226,+26.435], [-70.232,+26.445], [-70.233,+26.444], [-70.299,+26.403], [-70.309,+26.403], [-70.322,+26.409], [-70.347,+26.500], [-70.362,+26.387], [-70.362,+26.488], [-70.363,+26.489], [-70.371,+26.386], [-70.368,+26.371], [-70.391,+26.428], [-70.394,+26.443], [-70.394,+26.444], [-70.395,+26.329], [-70.398,+26.445], [-70.399,+26.396], [-70.401,+26.431], [-70.408,+26.453], [-70.431,+26.395], [-70.435,+26.409], [-70.436,+26.407], [-70.440,+26.458], [-70.450,+26.477], [-70.461,+26.487], [-70.462,+26.476], [-70.469,+26.498], [-70.462,+26.476], [-70.476,+26.405], [-70.479,+26.453], [-70.481,+26.452], [-70.490,+26.476], [-70.490,+26.494], [-70.490,+26.504], [-70.491,+26.452], [-70.492,+26.493], [-70.501,+26.500], [-70.501,+26.502], [-70.505,+26.512], [-70.507,+26.504], [-70.508,+26.491], [-70.508,+26.515], [-70.521,+26.506], [-70.543,+26.516], [-70.559,+26.526]

Mango trees

A mango tree can be found here.
A tall mango tree is here.

Searching at a mango tree provides mangos, predictably.

  • Known locations:

[-70.094,+26.376], [-70.107,+26.415], [-70.110,+26.415], [-70.111,+26.407], [-70.113,+26.402], [-70.120,+26.389], [-70.122,+26.390], [-70.189,+26.429], [-70.219,+26.422], [-70.221,+26.451], [-70.223,+26.386], [-70.239,+26.447], [-70.244,+26.430], [-70.244,+26.436], [-70.245,+26.423], [-70.246,+26.435], [-70.277,+26.402], [-70.287,+26.405], [-70.345,+26.504], [-70.359,+26.497], [-70.368,+26.385], [-70.380,+26.369], [-70.383,+26.427], [-70.383,+26.439], [-70.384,+26.437], [-70.386,+26.397], [-70.388,+26.400], [-70.400,+26.430], [-70.431,+26.449], [-70.432,+26.396], [-70.435,+26.483], [-70.438,+26.489], [-70.448,+26.477], [-70.450,+26.408], [-70.454,+26.419], [-70.468,+26.416], [-70.471,+26.452], [-70.474,+26.405], [-70.476,+26.393], [-70.477,+26.395], [-70.477,+26.406], [-70.479,+26.441], [-70.488,+26.472], [-70.490,+26.494], [-70.491,+26.455], [-70.505,+26.516], [-70.521,+26.521], [-70.523,+26.523], [-70.525,+26.520], [-70.537,+26.520], [-70.561,+26.525], [-70.563,+26.524]

Banana trees

A banana tree is a reliable source of bananas.

  • Known locations:

[-70.087,+26.377], [-70.110,+26.403], [-70.119,+26.416], [-70.215,+26.435], [-70.263,+26.402], [-70.287,+26.402], [-70.311,+26.406], [-70.318,+26.452], [-70.319,+26.388], [-70.319,+26.387]. [-70.320,+26.387], [-70.321,+26.401], [-70.322,+26.401], [-70.325,+26.412], [-70.326,+26.410], [-70.337,+26.412], [-70.346,+26.504], [-70.355,+26.500], [-70.371,+20.398], [-70.379,+26.366], [-70.394,+26.328], [-70.395,+26.319], [-70.421,+26.408], [-70.460,+26.467], [-70.465,+26.427], [-70.465,+26.427], [-70.474,+26.438], [-70.474,+26.493], [-70.477,+26.468], [-70.478,+26.502], [-70.487,+26.288], [-70.496,+26.443],[-70.500,+26.469], [-70.503,+26.473], [-70.516,+26.507], [-70.523,+26.509], [-70.527,+26.508], [-70.538,+26.518], [-70.546,+26.516], [-70.549,+26.514], [-70.553,+26.515]

Unidentified trees

These are fruit trees and bushes with known locations but unknown fruit.

  • Known locations:

[-70.082,+26.393], [-70.083,+26.390], [-70.119,+26.378], [-70.123,+26.389], [-70.129,+26.392], [-70.211,+26.405], [-70.212,+26.400], [-70.213,+26.407], [-70.221,+26.386], [-70.222,+26.402], [-70.223,+26.386], [-70.223,+26.413], [-70.232,+26.385], [-70.233,+26.383], [-70.316,+26.504], [-70.355,+26.485], [-70.362,+26.384], [-70.371,+26.386], [-70.371,+26.410], [-70.375,+26.400], [-70.399,+26.400], [-70.399,+26.407], [-70.401,+26.502], [-70.407,+26.406], [-70.435,+26.486], [-70.450,+26.413], [-70.462,+26.404], [-70.462,+26.408], [-70.473,+26.391], [-70.654,+26.361], [-70.666,+26.373], [-70.667,+26.372]


Main article: Hut

Huts are buildings that players can enter and leave. Certain huts provide specific items. Santa's grotto is a hut that is not part of a camp.


Ruins complexes (one or more buildings with multi-space interiors)

The two largest ruins in Shartak are the jail and the temple. These locations initially appeared derelict and unimpressive, but now have multi-space interiors that can be explored and searched. Recent investigations have turned up occasional charms and gems.

  • Jail complex, a.k.a. Fort Creedy (near Durham)
    Five ruined building entrances are centered at [-70.666,+26.380], northwest of Durham. To reach this complex, travel 30 paces north and 20 paces west from the north side of Durham. This ruin complex contains a one-space jail, a two-space armoury, and a two-space hall. The hall is a good place to find gem stones. You can also find poison darts, daggers, healing herbs, and gold coins here.
  • Temple complex (near Shipwreck)
    At [-70.540,+26.530], 16 paces south and 1 pace east of the shipwreck, are the ruins of a temple populated by monkeys, stalked by elephants, and haunted by spirits. This ruin consists of a single entrance containing a two-space interior, and is a good place to find tiger tooth amulets.
  • Stone Tower (Midway Island)
    At [-70.218,+26.336] on Midway Island in the sea off the south-east coast of the mainland is a ruined small square stone tower. It has suffered severe water damage and appears to have been abandoned long ago. The base of the tower is mostly intact, but the top has several gaping holes. The ruin contains a single one-space lower floor, and a staircase leading to an upper level.

Simple ruins

The typical ruins location consists of a single icon with two or three "enter hut" buttons that allow you to visit empty one-space huts. It is rumored that these huts contain nothing of particular value (aside from sanctuary from ferocious jungle animals).

  • River-west side ruins (bi-hut near the waterfall)
    A two-hut ruin is located at [-70.357,+26.406] on the west bank of the river that runs south from the mountain, north-northeast of York.
  • River-east side ruins (bi-hut near Santa's grotto)
    A two-hut ruin is located at [-70.331,+26.380] fourteen paces east of the river that runs south from the mountain, south of Raktam and north-northeast of York.

  • Durham-York road ruins (tri-hut between Durham/York)
    A three-hut ruin is located at [-70.490,+26.365] north of the road and mid-distance from Durham to York. Known to some as Piketown (after the trader Maximillion Pike) these ruins have been christened New Berlin and are home toThe Germans.
  • Derby ruins (tri-hut near Derby)
    A three-hut ruin is located at [-70.111,+26.378] near Derby on the way to York. As of Bastille Day 2008 this area is known as Port Breton, home of The French.
  • Mountain-north side ruins (tri-hut between Dalpok/Raktam)
    A three-hut ruin is located at [-70.391,+26.480] a few paces north of the mountain between Dalpok and Raktam.
  • Durham ruins (multi-hut near Durham)
    A two-hut ruin is located at [-70.666,+26.354], 11 paces northwest and 7 paces west from Durham's shaman.
  • Durham-lake ruins (multi-hut near Durham)
    A two-hut ruin is located at [-70.605,+26.374] northeast of Durham (about 33 paces east of the lake, and 21 paces north of the Durham-York Highway).
  • Northwest-peninsula ruins (multi-hut near Shipwreck)
    A simple ruin is located at [-70.594,+26.519] to the far west of the shipwreck peninsula.


Main article: Signpost

A signpost is a player-built detail that can be constructed using two pieces of driftwood. Signposts can be attacked and destroyed.


A number of caves have been found on Shartak since the rediscovery of the forbidden village of Rakmogak on 13th August 2008. These caves connect to a large tunnel network that extends beneath the archipelago. The caves appear as part of random terrain features. Locations follow:

Cave GPS Coordinates Ubermap Zoom
Dalpok Cave / Patch's Cave [-70.429,+26.449] [1]
Cave Of The Tiger [-70.240,+26.493] [2]
Arivo Rock Cave [-70.067,+26.341] [3]
Empty Quarter Cave [-70.221,+26.459] [4]
N Mountain Cave [-70.368,+26.503] [5]
Jawbone Cave [-70.195,+26.533] [6]
Pierced Eye Cave [-70.160,+26.576] [7]
S Mountain Cave [-70.338,+26.396] [8]
Cave Northwest of Derby [-70.130,+26.366] [9]