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This is an information hub for Shartak, a browser-based massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

New players should read the Gameplay guide and perhaps the Tips and tricks and Requests for information pages.

The island of Shartak has been inhabited for several hundred years by native tribes from the villages of Dalpok, Raktam and Wiksik. In recent times strangers to the island have appeared wearing odd clothes and carrying loud sticks. These outsiders have formed camps known as Derby, Durham and York and have been joined by pirates whose shipwreck lies on the island's north shore. And now, on dark and stormy nights, the natives whisper tales of the shunned village Rakmogak and its terrible secret.

The strangers once stayed on the coast, away from the jungle, but now they travel inland in search of knowledge and plunder. It won't be long before they stumble across the villages and learn of the treasures of the tribal ancestors.

Recent wiki changes and additions
  • A set of History pages charting the island's history continues to be updated.
  • Treasure Maps are now being offered at Trader's hut!.

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