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Jungle Chop
Jungle Move
Jungle Chop
Jungle Move
Jungle Move
Jungle Chop
Jungle Move
Jungle Chop
You are (name), a (type) from (camp).
HP: (HP) / (max_HP) XP: (XP) AP: (AP) Gold: (gold)

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Since your last move:


Possible Actions:

Refresh Search Area

(speechbox) Speak

  • (amount) x Item
  • (amount) x Item (targetmenu)
(dropmenu) Drop


The map is usually a 5 x 5 grid which shows the area around the character. This grid shrinks to 3 x 3 when entering a building or structure or when AP or IP hits reach zero. It also displays the contents of the locations - such as any animals, players, or landmarks in the area. Mousing over the stack of characters will reveal their names.

The center square is referred to as "the player's square" (or, informally, "your square"), The eight squares immediately surrounding it are reffered to as "adjacent squares".

Players can change the way the density or images are displayed in their maps by editing the settings in their profile.

Character data

The character data, located underneath the map, displays the character's status and vitals.

  • Basics
    • Name (with link to profile)
    • Type (native, outsider)
    • Home camp


Helpful game-related links can be found underneath the character data.

  • Skills - Purchase new skills.
  • Map - Displays map. (Only available to characters with the Cartography skill.)
  • Clans - Lists registered clans.
  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the game.
  • Help/Wiki - Game wiki.
  • Forum - The new official forums. (Not shown in the picture)
  • Log Out - Log character out.
  • Donate - Help support the game.
  • Contacts - Contact list.
  • News - Recent game developments.
  • Statistics - Game statistics.
  • Invites - Send email invitations to others.

Location data

  • Basics
    • Name
    • Description
    • Details (hut, temple, tree)
    • Written Message
    • Signpost Message
  • Contents
    • Animals
    • Shamans
    • Traders
    • List of known natives or known outsiders (with links to profiles)
    • Stack of unknown natives or unknown outsiders
    • Dead bodies
    • Spirits

Action data

  • List of actions performed since last refreshing the page
  • Action performed and effect

Possible actions

The possible actions are actions the user can perform in the current location. Depending on the location, the contents of the location, as well as the character's status, skills, and inventory, any number of actions may be possible.

  • Refresh - Refreshes the page.
  • Examples
    • Chop jungle
    • Search Area
    • Enter Hut / Leave Hut
    • Enter Temple / Leave Temple
    • Stand up
    • Scream
    • Attack
    • Write
    • Speak


The inventory is a list of items that the character is currently carrying. There is a 70 item unit weight limit (100 with a backpack) that characters can carry, with some items taking up two and other taking zero units of space.

Most items can be used by the character by clicking on the item's name. This may produce no true effect, consume the item, sharpen an item, or reload an item.