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For a list of clans with pages on this wiki, see Category:Clans.

A clan is a group of players allied together for common goals.

The skill clan leadership was added to the game on May 23, 2006. Clan leadership allows a character to formally add a new name to the list of officially recognized clans. Once a clan has been recognized, a player can join that clan by editing their character profile and selecting the desired clan from the drop-down "Clan" menu.

If you would like to create a new clan, follow the instructions below. Questions you might have can be asked on the Requests for information page, such as how to create a clan wiki page.

If you wish to inform other players about your clan, the best way is probably to create a wiki page for it and to post details on the Clan section thread on the official forums.

How to make a clan

You will need to be level 5 to purchase the "Clan Leadership" skill. On the ingame clans page, go to the bottom and click "start a new clan." You can fill out your clan description now, or add it later at any time. Restrictions do exactly what they say, restrict certain classes, home camps or levels from joining. You can always edit the changes later to allow people to enter, or negate it completely by inviting people. You can invite people by going to the "view membership" option when viewing your clan and then following the instructions.

Remember that you can only have one clan at a time. Disbanding your clan will allow you to create another.