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General Information

A trader is an NPC with whom players can trade. A native trader may be referred to as a tamdal. Each of the seven traders has a trading hut, and there is a trading hut in every camp. Each Trader is protected by a Guard Dog.

Unlike modern shops, which deal in monetary units, traders will accept all manner of items in a barter exchange, giving higher value to items they have very few of and basing their prices roughly on standard exchange rates. Traders are shrewd businessmen who markup their goods to customers unskilled in speaking the trader's language.

Traders have a 100 HP. Traders will attack customers who attempt to harm them. Attacking or killing a trader garners little XP. The Guard Dog will also attack when the Trader is attacked.

Trader Stats

Like almost every NPC, Traders can be attacked. Every Trader has the same stats.

  • Max Hitpoints - 100
  • Damage - 3
  • XP Bonus - ?
  • Accuracy - 25%

List of Traders

Trader Dick

  • Location - Durham [-70.649,+26.347]
  • Biography - Trader Dick's actual name is Richard Thomas Thurgood Sr. but no one in Durham calls him that. He earned the epithet by which he is known due to the short patience with which he treats his regular customers and the thinly masked contempt he holds for any who cannot understand his language, as well as his habit of openly gouging both groups at every opportunity.

Trader Gak

  • Location - Rakmogak [-70.178,+26.558]
  • Biography - Even for the strange inhabitant of Skull Island Trader Gak is off. He collects skulls and proceeds to parade them around the town, acting out various plays with them. But let's face it, one needs to be off there game to be living with cannibals all the time. But his love for the skulls makes him unique on the island of the Shartak.
  • Special Notes - The only trader that actually trades skulls.

Trader Harry

  • Location - York [-70.367,+26.313]
  • Biography - Always a gambler, Trader Harry takes his winnings, and sells them back to the populace of York. He can be seen some nights, holding poker games in the confines of his hut. Some say he uses his dog to cheat in these games, those though that do say it mysteriously disappear after awhile.

Trader Tak

  • Location - Dalpok [-70.435,+26.442]
  • Biography - The Dalpoki are a mysterious and secretive people and their trader Tak is no exception. Dalpok has always been a sinister and quiet place where even the silence exudes menace. But since the white man come, Dalpok has been on the main road between the old pirate wreck and the colony of York, so Tak must be prepared to deal with many of the worst denizens of Shartak in addition to the dreaded presence which lurks in the jungle. Tak is all business and barely speaks a word other than to declare the terms of trade and to berate you if you do not bring any objects of collector's interest or of sacred value to ward off the demons that haunt even the day. He frequently looks from side to side with shifting eyes as if something has moved in the shadows or he will stare into space as if you are not even inside the trading hut. He has a huge afro.

Trader Tamdal

  • Location - Sacred Space (deceased)
  • Biography - Trader Tamdal was guilty of several crimes against humanity, mainly involving human trafficking and hired killing. He found the mythical island of Shartak, and within Shartak, found a place to hide where he couldn't be harmed. Hiding here before the regular inhabitants of Shartak actually found Sacred Space, he gathered goods to sell. When the gates opened for everyone, he greeted them with outrageous deals and horrible prices. When Sacred Space closed off, it is assumed that he is dead.
  • Special Notes - Trader Tamdal charges outrageous prices for goods. Also trading with him yields no XP.

Trader Tik

  • Location - Raktam [-70.319,+26.472]
  • Biography - Tik is a kind soul, giving his goods to natives as well as outsiders at the same prices. He was once devoted to Queen Hummingbird, and on her death, decided to sell most of his goods at half off. Considering he was a swindler before, this merely put his goods at the normal price!

Trader Toe

  • Location - Wiksik [-70.235,+26.405]
  • Biography - Tamdal Toe is the latest in a long line of craftsmen and traders going back to the time of the ancients. He claims to know secrets and lost arts passed down through his line from the founding of Wiksik, but refuses to teach them to anyone. He says that there is always a market if you know who to talk to, and he does not like competition.

Trader Tom

  • Location - Derby [-70.092,+26.350]
  • Biography - Trader Tom currently operates a monopoly in trading in Derby. He was a famed conartist back in Canada before he was captured by bounty hunters hired by the Empire. He was given the choice of losing three pairs of socks, three tracts of land or staying on Shartak for three thousand years. Having no socks or land to lose, Tom was exiled to Shartak without another word. Upon arriving, Tom's survival instincts kicked in. He set up his shop and he found that scamming the outsiders and natives alike was good business.

Trader Sam

  • Location - Shipwreck [-70.543,+26.542]
  • Biography - Trader Sam likes it, and he likes it hard! His rum that is. Even by pirate standards Trader Sam is a heavy drinker who at times can be a bit quick to reach for the scabbard. None of the traders on Shartak will take an attack laying down but Sam seems to relish such confrontations as he launches attacks with lusty battle cries and zealous guffaws. But Trader Sam seems to have a soft side as well since he has a habit of collecting any hurt animals that he happens upon on drunken forays into the jungle. Snakes, goats, rats and even a three legged tiger make their home in Trader Sam's hut.

The preceding bios have been contributed by the following players of Shartak

  • Baron Robert Surcouf
  • IWasHere
  • Neil Tathers
  • Vetari
  • Zeek