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Policies and guidelines are rules for activity on the wiki that are determined by user consensus. Policies have no exceptions and must be followed, while guidelines are optional in at least some cases. Proposals to add, change, or remove policies and guidelines are discussed on the talk page.


Don't edit the user and clan pages of others

A user page belongs to the user it pertains to and should not be edited by other users. Likewise, a clan page belongs to the clan it pertains to and should not be edited by any users who are not members of the clan. The only exceptions are edits that consist solely of corrections to grammar, spelling, punctuation, link targets, capitalization, and markup. (This policy does not apply to the talk pages of user and clan pages.)

No copyrighted content

No content (text, images, etc.) may be submitted if it is copyrighted.



A page or file may only be deleted if it has been tagged for deletion for at least one week (see Template:Delete) without being contested on Category talk:Delete. (Pages whose deletion requests have been contested may only be deleted if there is a consensus to do so.) Deletions and deletion requests are acceptable for articles, files, categories, and templates in the main namespace with:

  • No content or very little content (being under 1,024 bytes in size) (does not apply to categories and templates);
  • Inappropriate content, which may include spam, illegal or vulgar content, or any content unrelated to the game; or
  • Redundant content, being identical or nearly identical to an existing page that is more widely used.

Redirects, categories and templates are eligible for deletion if they are unused or virtually unused (according to Special:Whatlinkshere or, in the case of categories, the category listing) and have no apparent use or potential. Redirects for common misspellings, abbreviations, and synonyms are acceptable.

User subpages and clan pages may be deleted at the request of the original author if no other users have made major edits to them.

A talk page may be deleted without notice if its accompanying article doesn't exist.