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The community has unofficially started mapping projects, written user scripts for the game, and created a forum.

Useful links

Mapping projects

  • Shartak MetaMap - compilation of all submitted maps; submit your own and have it merged into the MetaMap. I'm assuming eventually friends/clans/strangers will start sharing their maps with eachother, so i'd rather provide a more open forum for the exchange. This is complete beta code, please let me know of any problems with submissions. --Frisco 05:44, 6 March 2006 (GMT)
  • Shartak UBER MAP project - a project to compile a super detailed map of shartak, right down to each individual square! --Murk 18:11, 11 March 2006 (GMT)

Greasemonkey scripts

Greasemonkey is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that allows users to change the way they see the web, or certain sites on it, by installing user scripts in their browser. The following is a list of scripts written for Shartak players.

  • Shartak Map Overlay, version 0.2 by VTBassMatt and Frisco - shows you the community-created map with village locations as an overlay to your Exploration map; more information available at this page.
  • Shartak Jungle Density Viewer, version 20060301 by Dr. J (based on Shartak Terrain Type Info). This script displays the jungle density at each square, replacing "Jungle" with "Jungle 9".
    • Simon has now implemented similar functionality inside the game. Click on your character, click on Edit Profile, and down at the bottom of the page, turn on: "Show density in map block names?"
  • Shartak UBER MAP recording script, if you have a GPS then this script will send data to a server for recording and merging with all other contributors, see the results at the Shartak UBER MAP website.
  • Shartak Camp Directions, by Simon. If you have a GPS then you'll be told how far and in what direction you need to move to get to the Shaman (and generally centre) of all 6 of the camps. You will need to be able to get a GPS signal though. All calculations are done internally, no external services required except Shartak of course.
  • Shartak Inventory Counter, by Elembis. This script counts your used inventory spaces and tells you how many free ones you have. (It can also tell you how many used spaces you have, but it doesn't by default.)
  • Shartak Trader Inventory Parser, by Elembis. This script parses a trader's inventory into a string that can be added to the Trading hut stock reports article.
  • Shartak Flavorizer, by Elembis. This script gives living players additional, random descriptions for common locations including beach, grassland, jungle, swamp, tunnel and water terrain as well as native and outsider camps (not including the shipwreck).
  • Shartak Underworld Gateway, by Elembis. This script adds buttons to profile pages so that kills and deaths can be easily viewed and logged in the Shartak Underworld.
  • Shartak Fast GPS, by dummy4242. If you have a GPS, this scripts will add a head-display functionality when the mouse is hovered above the GPS item: a version of the map generated by the Ubermap project as well as locations of camps will be shown.
  • Repeatable Search, by Simon. This script allows you to search repeatedly for 10 times with a single click.

Other projects

  • The Shartak Underworld logs and reports kills for the benefit of assassins-for-hire, trophy hunters, and victims. It logs kills permanently on request by visiting the victim's profile and copying the information about their last death, and it lets visitors see all logged kills and deaths for the user of their choice. (Note: A player's deaths and kills can be accessed from the page itself or by appending "?id=____" to the URL, where "____" is the player's ID. Likewise, a kill can be logged from the page itself or by appending "?log=____" to the URL, where "____" is the victim's ID.) (Created by Elembis.)

External links

It would be most helpful to keep an eye on these external descriptions of Shartak to ensure they remain in sync with the current state of the game.