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As others have started talking about it, I might as well mention that I am currently mapping the whole of Shartak. I think that Shartak occupies a rectangle containing about 220,000 squares, although a large proportion are what I've termed "ocean" and are inaccessible. Another large chunk is deep and normal water.

I've currently mapped around 21.5% of the 220,000 squares on ground level, as well as some of the under and over ground levels as well. My current best guess is still that it'll take about half a year to do the complete map.

If you'd like to help, or would like help with your own mapping, get in touch. I've registered my email address on the wiki so you can use the "E-mail this user" link (Special:Emailuser/Dr._J) or else use my talk page: User_talk:Dr._J

Murk has started the Shartak UBER MAP project which is trying to do the same as me - map all of Shartak. He's also written a nice Greasemonkey script to help, so anybody can help (I wrote a php wrapper to Shartak to make do my mapping, meaning I don't need GPS to map). The script can be modified to add data to my map as well. To do so, pop along to the Shartak UBER MAP website for instructions on how to install Greasemonkey. Then download the Greasemonkey script. Edit the script so that the line that reads

var conf_serverscripturl = "";

is changed to

var conf_serverscripturl = "";

The full map is shown with one pixel per game square here and will be updated every 10 minutes.

You may ask, why not work together? I hope that we can. I couldn't figure out an easy way of letting other people submit data without them being inconvenienced so just started taking data myself. Murk did figure out a good way for others to submit data, but he's not got as much as I do. Let's see how it goes!


I'm treating ground level as level 0 and have discovered levels +2 and -2 so far. These are just to tease you :)


Dr j tunnel1.png Tunnels underneath the mountain at level -2, where ground level is 0.

Light grey is the actual tunnel, dark grey is solid rock and black is unknown.

The tunnels are generally one square wide.


Dr j mountain L2.png

Light blue is mid-air, medium blue is waterfall, grey is mountain, green is jungle.

Some of the lighter jungle areas do show where paths down the mountain exist, but not all of them are paths and some paths aren't shown. Tunnels are light grey.