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Wow thats a sweet map thingy I added mine and now I can explore with a purpose.... maybe we could coordinate efforts to make the map complete like Im going to try to fill in the area right above grasslands to the east w/ water underneath all the way to the Raktam(about ten or so map blocks west of that) all the way up the line thats filled in just north of that. BTW how are we supposed to "let you know" if the map is vandalised?-- Daylan 08:16, 6 March 2006 (GMT)

  • You can contact me via e-mail; i added my address to the MetaMap page. --Frisco 13:13, 6 March 2006 (GMT)
  • Can anyone verify for me that a square in the map is equivalent to 5 squares in gameplay? Seems wierd to me since each square in the map is 6x6 pixels, but maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me. --Frisco 18:02, 6 March 2006 (GMT)
  • Yes, it is equivalent to a 5x5 area. I could make the map graphic blocks 2x2 pixels if you prefer, but 6x6 seems to be a more reasonable size to me based on how much of the browser window it takes up. The colour for each block is an approximation based on the 25 squares it covers - it's not intended to be a really detailed map since the storage requirement would be excessive (and besides, if it was, what would you do with your time instead of mapping the camps and other locations accurately!) --Simon 22:07, 6 March 2006 (GMT)
    • What confused me was that it wasn't 5x5 pixels since it is representing 5x5 game squares. I've been thinking of implementing a submission form for gps coordinates of locations of interest, such as trees, towns, ruins, etc. A user could search for a particular location type and have the location drawn on the map. Doing the 5x5->6x6 translation just adds a little hoop to jump through, but isn't a big deal. By the way, i noticed that the white dot marking player location is 5x5 (and starts from upper left corner) though the dot for the location is 6x6. This actually helps me since i can use the colour from the lower/right 1 pixel border to replace the white dot. And yeah, the good thing about script writing is that my boss can't tell it's not work-related when he walks by. --Frisco 23:56, 6 March 2006 (GMT)