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My character

I am MURK of Shartak ;-) Are you feeling lucky punk?

The uber map project

All this mapping activity has inspired me to create what I have named, for lack of imagination perhaps, the Shartak UBER MAP project. The goal of the project is to take the mapping work done so far and take it to a new level. The intention is to settle for nothing less than a detailed map including each and every square of the entire island!

I have devised a solution to help us achieve this awesome task. The solution is a GreaseMonkey script, which looks at your surroundings as you move, and sends the information to a database. The database records what you are seeing and plots a map. In order for it to work you need a GPS, otherwise there is no way to know where you are, and where therefore to record what you see in the database.

To see the map so far, and join the project, go to the Shartak UBER MAP project website and check it out.

UPDATE: The latest (version 2.00) greasemonkey script provides status information so you know it's working (or not). If you don't like the status at the bottom, under the main display grid, you can turn it off by editing the bit of the script which says var conf_showstatus = 1; and changing it to var conf_showstatus = 0;.

Screen shots of the uber map project

A few people have started to send in data now, so here are some screen shots. First a section of the 3X zoom map.


Here is a section of the 9X zoom map, featuring huts and trees, just visible.