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Character Class Overview

They are ten character classes in total, five classes for the natives, and five classes for the outsiders. Natives can choose to be a warrior, scout, shaman, villager or cannibal. Outsiders can choose to be a soldier, explorer, scientist, settler, or pirate. Each class has it's own advantages and disadvantages and their own special skills.

Native Classes

Details on Native Classes can be found following these links.

Outsider Classes

Details on Outsider Classes can be found following these links.

Other important details

Village Choice

Almost as important as choosing what type of class you are going to be is what town you want to start from.

The Native Warrior, Scout, Villager, and Shaman can start from one of three villages, Dalpok, Raktam, or Wiksik. If you choose to be a cannibal, you must start in the village of Rakmogak.

The Outsider Soldier, Explorer, Settler or Scientist can start from one of three towns, Derby, Durham, or York. If you choose to be a pirate, you must start at the shipwreck.

Class Guides

Class Guides are important for quick leveling up of new characters, while showing players the most valuable of skills for the type of character they wish to play.

Here's the current Class Guides the wiki offers.


Another aspect of character creation is clans. You can choose to belong to a clan straightaway, and build your character to suit that clans needs. The other option is be clanless for awhile, then choose later one based on RP reasons, or simply wishing to be part of a clan. You can drop a clan at anytime, and join one as well. More detail can be found on the clan wiki page.