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Native Classes

These Classes are specific to Natives only. Warriors, Scouts, Shamans and Villagers can originate from one of the main native villages, Raktam, Dalpok or Wiksik. Meanwhile Cannibals can only come from Rakmogak.


The main military might of the Native forces, warriors have strong stamina and withstand more attacks than the normal native. They can become proficient with the use of a blowpipe. Warriors start with 60 hit points, and can acquire up to 75 AP points. You can start in Raktam, Wiksik or Dalpok native camps if you choose to be this class.

Starting Inventory

  • Machete
  • Four healing herbs
  • Blowpipe
  • Four poison darts

Class Specific Skills

Blowpipe Training

Gain 20% on blowpipe accuracy - This brings the warriors skill from 20% to 40%.

The two warriors stood on the field, shooting darts at a tree. The younger one, Vercingetorix, showed off his skill, shooting a dart directly in a knot on the tree. "How about that?" he said with confidence." The older warrior grinned, "Pretty good...."

Advanced Blowpipe Training

Gain another 20% on blowpipe accuracy - This brings the warriors skill from 40% to 60%. Requires Blowpipe Training to learn.

Quickly the older warrior, Azuma, lined up his shot, but instead of shooting at the tree, he turned around and shot it into the sky. A minute later a parrot fell down, the dart sticking perfectly in it's chest. "Just remember, there's always someone better out there," he said bending down and picking up the parrot. "Now get that on the fire for dinner."


Scouts can crisscross the island quickly and efficiently. The main strength of the Scouts involves in getting to enemy camps quickly, striking, then escaping within the jungle. They start off with 50 Hit Points, and can acquire up to a maximum of 80 AP points. Scouts can start in Raktam, Wiksik or Dalpok.

Starting Inventory

  • Machete
  • Four healing herbs
  • Gourd of water
  • Bunch of tasty berries

Class Specific Skills


Increased ability to move and chop through dense jungle - Makes jungle chops and movement through d7-d9 jungle terrain cost 0.5 AP instead of 1. Requires the skill Trekking to learn.

The native scout effortlessly flowed through the jungle, soundlessly trailing the party of soldiers that were heading towards the village. Once he got the number of troops he would disappear, and no one would even have known he was there.


Never wanting to leave the confines of their village, happy with day to day life within it's confines, the Villager is adept at quick forays for supplies into the jungles, skillfully avoiding animals, and knowing where to find the right supplies. Villagers begin the game with 55 hit points, acquire a maxmium of 75 AP points, and start the game in Raktam, Wiksik or Dalpok.

Starting Inventory

  • Machete
  • Five healing herbs
  • Banana
  • Mango

Class Specific Skills

Animal Affinity

Lessens the chance of animals attacking

Even knowing the tiger was around didn't concern Fist McRhinpuncher. Using a special concoction of fruits and herbs, and smearing some on his arms would keep the beast away from him. It's one of the oldest secrets his grandmother taught him, and one of the best.


Increased chance of creating something drinkable - Allows one to make a brewed drink quicker and more efficiently. This skill requires being level 10 or higher to learn.

Straining the yeastweed with care and precision, adding the correct amount of fruit to the liquid, and knowing when to finally pop the cork are few of the things that makes GoraGora Arog drinks the best.


Assists in finding things within certain areas - Improves search odds in certain areas. Confirmed areas wherein this skill works are the medicine hut and the weapons hut. Other areas are yet to be confirmed. Roughly speaking, search odds are improved from 30% to 50%. Searches also yield less dross and more valuable items.

The warrior scoffed at failing to find the amount of darts he needed. After leaving the weapon hut, the villager grinned, lifting up a hidden panel built there by his father, and taking some darts for himself. They would fetch him a pretty price at the traders, and he could use the gold to buy some trinkets for his girlfriend.


Holding a seance can identify passive spirits Using this ability costs 5AP and lets one identify passive spirits within the square. For every spirit identified over the first, the user gains 2XP points per spirit. Requires Psychic Recognition to learn.

Yaqitoacl was comforted by the knowledge her late grandfather would wait for her death before moving on. She could feel his presence with only the minimal amount of concentration.


Shamans are masters of the spirit world, skillful at expelling, identifying, or even using passive spirits located within a range with their expanded spirit skill base. Shamans begin the game with 50 Hit Points, and can acquire up to 75 AP Points, and begin the game at either Raktam, Wiksik or Dalpok.

Starting Inventory

  • Machete
  • Dagger
  • Parrot feather charm
  • Four healing herbs

Class Specific Skills


Holding a seance can identify passive spirits Using this ability costs 5AP and lets one identify passive spirits within the square. For every spirit identified over the first, the user gains 2XP points per spirit. Requires Psychic Recognition to learn.

Shadow-in-her-Eyes muttered a few strange incomprehensible words under her breath before scowling at the seemingly empty air. The other occupants looked on with trepidation when she seemed ready to speak. Instead, she shouted for all to hear. "We are beset by malicious spirits!"


Exorcise spirits from area. - This ability uses up 4 AP points and has a percentage chance to expel spirits from the square one is standing on. Requires Psychic Recognition to learn.

Throwing her hands up into the air, causing the air to shimmer and ripple, Rachel Stone shouted the words that only shamans understand, the ghosts silently screamed, now visible within the air bubble. With a simple "BE GONE!" she finished, and the hut was silent once more. "They will not be able to bother us for a while now.

Spirit Summoning

Summons spirits from surrounding area - This ability uses up 5 AP points, and summons spirits from as far as 14 squares away, each with a percentage chance of being summoned to where one is standing. Requires Psychic Recognition to learn.

Etherdrifter wished to talk to the other side, and calmly spoke the words. Suddenly, four spirits where in the room with him, "Now, tell me, what have you seen?"


Torment spirits causing them to become aggressive -Makes all spirits in the area release a haunting scream, a shocking shriek or a banshee wail depending on highest skill available on them, can use anywhere from 2AP to 5AP depending on the number of spirits affected. Requires Psychic Recognition to learn.

Etherdrifter slowly walked into the room, his personal guard of spirits following behind him. The outsiders in the hut looked up, their faces slowly paling as they realised who'd arrived. With a malicious grin, the necromancer said a single word of power, causing the spirits in the room, both outsider and native, to scream their fury at the living. As each outsider succumbed to the pain and died, they joined the choir of spirits, their pain quickly ravaging all who once lived within the hut.


Banished to the isle of Rakmogak centuries ago due to their obscene ways, cannibals are the toughest natives on the island. The can buff their own stats even more with consuming the flesh of their victims. Cannibals can only originate from the village of Rakmogak, and start with 65 hit points, and can acquire a maximum of 75 AP points.

Starting Inventory

  • Wooden club
  • Dagger
  • Two pieces of driftwood
  • Two gourds of water

Class Specific Skills

Ritual Feast

Feast on your defeated enemy and steal their power - Allowing a Cannibal to feast once on a player's dead body for 5AP, gaining hit points from that dead body and 5XP (Hit points can vary depending on how wounded the cannibal is. If the Cannibal is at full HP, then he gains 5 HP, if the Cannibal is between 60 and 84HP, then they gain 10HP, if below 60HP, then the cannibal gains 20HP). The Cannibal can go as high as 109HP. You can only feast once per dead body with this skill. Requires Stamina and be level 5 or higher to learn.

Eagerly Seven Teeth bit into his meal, not savory the flesh at all, simply tearing away pieces of the man's leg, and screaming in joy. Within minutes there was no more viable meat on the bones, and the cannibal left as quickly as he struck.

Ritual Gluttony

Feasting can now fill most of your needs from a single body - This allows one to feast on a player's dead body up to three times for only 3AP and gaining only 3XP per feast (The same rules apply from Ritual feast to the amount gained, and still cap at 109). Requires Ritual Feast and be level 10 or higher to learn.

Savoring her meal, Snico knew where the prime pieces were to be had, and how she could keep some of the meat from getting spoiled prenaturely. Keeping her screaming victim alive as she ate him was simply a bonus.