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Outsider Classes

These Classes are specific to Outsiders only. Soldiers, Explorers, Scientists and Settlers can originate from one of the main outsider camps, Durham, York or Derby. Meanwhile Pirates can only come from the Shipwreck.


Defending outsider camps or invading native villages is what this class is good with. Soldiers start with 60 hit points, and can acquire up to 75 AP points. You can start in Durham, York or Derby if you choose to be this class.

Starting Inventory

  • Machete
  • Partially-loaded rifle
  • Three bullets
  • Four first aid kits

Class Specific Skills

Firearms training

Gain 20% on firearms attacks - Raises the firearm rate from 20% to 40%.

The tiger charged Saix, who calmly breathed out, and aimed the rifle. One straight shot entered the tigers eye, killing the beast instantly. "Bad Kitty".

Advanced firearms training

Gain another 20% on firearms attacks -Raises the firearm rate from 40% to 60%

Sympathetic Phil calmly blew the smoke from the barrel of his rifle, and raised his hat a bit regarding his latest kill. "You know, when you piss the boss off, he tends to hold a grudge. All this is for business." He fished into his pockets, and threw a poisonous snake onto the dead body, "Calling card, next time, stay out of Club Palermo."


Explorers can trek across the island, finding out new and undiscovered pathways throughout the island. They start off with 50 Hit Points, and can acquire up to a maximum of 80 AP points. Explorers start in Durham, York or Derby if you choose to be this class.

Starting Inventory

  • Machete
  • Four first aid kits
  • GPS unit
  • Bottle of water

Class Specific Skills


Increased ability to move and chop through dense jungle - Makes jungle chops and movement through d7-d9 jungle terrain cost 0.5 AP instead of 1. Requires the skill Trekking to learn.

The native warrior had no idea what happened. Looking at his side wound, he noticed a small unused path that an outsider stepped out of. "Name's Victor mate, and next time you should be careful, some outsiders know these woods better than you guys.


Settlers are the backbone of an outsider camp, they are great at gathering supplies, making new and exciting drinks, and keeping the trader stocked. Villagers begin the game with 55 hit points, acquire a maxmium of 75 AP points, and start the game in York, Derby or Durham.

Starting Inventory

  • 1 x Bottle of Beer
  • 5 x First Aid Kit
  • 1 x Piece of Driftwood
  • 1 x Machete

Class Specific Skills

Animal Affinity

Lessens the chance of animals attacking

The wild boar caught the scent and sight of Saint Vincent, but did not make a move to attack. In fact, it didn't even mind that Saint Vincent petted it on the snout, for it knew the smell of the kind outsider, and knew it would get a meal soon.


Increased chance of creating something drinkable - Allows one to make a brewed drink quicker and more efficiently. This skill requires being level 10 or higher to learn.

Giovanni Machetti calmly laid the newest brew he created on the bar, "Now who was the one who bet I couldn't make a good brew using only bananas?


Assists in finding things within certain areas - Improves search odds in certain areas. Confirmed areas wherein this skill works are the medicine hut and the weapons hut. Other areas are yet to be confirmed. Roughly speaking, search odds are improved from 1:5 to 1:3. Searches also yield less dross and more valuable items.

CyAdora kept her FAK-U supplies filled by knowing where the best First Aid kits where, and how to assemble them quickly.


Holding a seance can identify passive spirits - Using this ability costs 5AP and lets one identify passive spirits within the square. For every spirit identified over the first, the user gains 2XP points per spirit. Requires Psychic Recognition to learn.

V2Blast wasn't worried about the strange wails the other outsiders where scared of, he knew which spirit was out there, and knew him to be a friend.


Scientists have advanced healing abilities, and have researched some mysteries of the island, allowing themselves to heal from the land itself, and close the ugliest of wounds. Scientists begin the game with 50 Hit Points, and can acquire up to 75 AP Points, and begin the game at either York, Derby or Durham.

Starting Inventory

  • Machete
  • Four first aid kits
  • Two pieces of driftwood

Class Specific Skills


Increased chance of creating something drinkable - Allows one to make a brewed drink quicker and more efficiently. This skill requires being level 10 or higher to learn.

"Using the sugar already present in the mangoes, and adding this yeastweed, allowing it to set for 48 hours, and it should be a great brew for drinking and consuming," said Simeon Carter to the island native girl who was listening to him. She merely nodded and accepted the drink anyways, a free drink was a free drink afterall.

Advanced Triage

Be able to see all injured characters in the same square - This skill requires 'Triage to learn

Tracer treated his friends wounds first, though someone else was by far more injured. The man had made a stupid mistake in fighting all those natives, and Tracer intended to make him wait for his cure.

Emergency First Aid

Slowly heal yourself without the use of a medical kit - Unlocks the button Emergency First Aid. Clicking it will cost 2AP and heal you 1HP, yielding 1XP. You can only use this ability if you are below 50% of your maxmium HP. This skill requires First Aid to learn.

The leaf of this plant, combined with the poultice produced from that root, add some mashed banana, and one had a lotion that would heal the wound and cure it from infection. Drakhen always carried some of this substance around with him.

Field Surgery

Skilled at healing, even in the middle of nowhere - Allows a scientist to heal bleeding wounds (only bleeding wounds, not poison) for 3AP with an 2XP reward. This skill requires Emergency First Aid and be level 10 or higher to learn.

Tioram ran up to the outsider who just washed up on the beach. Taking out some homemade items he began to stitch up the outsiders shark wounds. The outsider went to thank him, but Tioram hushed him, "Be quiet, you need to save your energy."


Crashing on the island sometime after the outsiders settled on Shartak, the Pirates drunkenly stumbled onto the world. They have the stomach to withstand fungi juice effects, as well as the ability to raid foreign settlements. Recently they learned how to train parrots, and can fire pistols with better accuracy. Pirates always start at the shipwreck, with 65 hit points, and can acquire a maximum of 75AP points.

Starting Inventory

  • Cutlass
  • Two first aid kits
  • Gem
  • Two bottles of rum
  • Silver skull cross

Class Specific Skills

Basic Pistol Training

Gain 15% on pistol attacks. Attacks with pistols become more accurate.

Staring down the barrel of his pistol, Gorry Louie shot the offending native in the skull. He grins at Captain Low, tossing him a pistol from his belt, "Yon Dalpokis won't stand a chance now Cap'n, yarr!"

Advanced Pistol Training

Gain 15% on pistol attacks. Attacks with pistols become more accurate. Requires Basic Pistol Training to learn.

Captain Atrocious fired his pistol quickly and accurately at his pursuer. The Yorkman wore a look of stunned surprise on his face as he died, the bullet piercing the heart on the first try

Lead belly

You've drunk enough to be immune to the poisonous effect of most fungi. The AP reduction of fungi juice is reduced a certain degree more with this skill. Not available to pirates under level ten.

Opium Joe belched loudly as he threw his fourth fungi bottle on the ground after drinking it's contents. The potent energy drink gave him the power to continue, and he knew he wouldn't have the hangover in the morning.

Animal Trainer

You can tame a parrot or a monkey enough to keep you company as you roam around the island. Allows one to train a parrot or a monkey (you can have both). The parrot or monkey appears on the same square as one is currently on. It costs 5AP to train the parrot, and sometimes the parrot will fly away while someone is attacking you. It costs 5AP to train the monkey, but your chance of success goes up if you have a banana in your inventory.

Aelita tried to offer a parrot a banana, but instead a monkey stole and ate it. Now it seems she can't get rid of the pest.


You've mastered the art of plundering and as a result can find items in other village resource huts much easier. Improves the odds of finding items in foreign camps, allowing a pirate to find items in enemy camps resource huts easier. Not available to pirates under level ten.

Tom Failur chuckled, grabbing some extra First Aid Kits on his way out the door. He saluted the dead York Soldier on his way out, "Thanks for the goods mate!"