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Short info about me

Hi there, I'm your friendly neighbourhood lama. I play Shartak since march 2006, that's when I started my notorious headhunting character - lama.

In me real life I design this, I design that, on a freelance basis ;) I live in Poland, which is a gloomy Middle Ages country somewhere in Europe.

If you want to contact me, you can do it via MSN - lame [at] stereo [dot] pl or email - lame [at] bhd [dot] pl. Or simply send me a PM on the forums, where I spam a lot :D

Skins for Shartak?

I work on the Shartak Skinning Project (check the thread for the details). This is possible thanks to Simon's changes in the Shartak's page templates structure and redesigning CSS a little. If you feel like having some comments or ideas - please, pass them! :)

Probably "version 2.0" (wink wink) will be ready to test in May or something. Shartak going isometric? o_0

My characters

Kotirc-small.gif Knights of the IRC Channel
lama is a Knight of the IRC Channel.
Guilder.png This user or clan supports the Identify Friend or Foe initiative.


lama - Native from Wiksik, started in march 2006. Member of The WickSick Headhunters, winner of Durham Headhunt Contest. TEH COLLECTOR !!!!!11one1. He is the only one not to support IFF. Seems like he retired or stuffs. Interesting...

Active again! Beware, pale-smellers!

Roger Wilco

Roger Wilco - started in the end of the very same march, out of interest, when pirate class was introduced to the island. He wanted to become the most fearsome ghost and started Wailers clan along with Ancestor Ghost, after that his aim was to become the most wealthy character on the island. Duh... In the ends Roger became a parrotologist, started a Parrotologists Society and is now addicted to these lovely squawking bastards.

He is peaceful and means no harm to you, so please, leave him alone.


Wicksickness - Native, also from Wiksik, moved out to Dalpok. Character started to become a soul and a clan founder for The WickSicks, due to ingame mechanics' limitations this action was a failure. Dropped for quite a time, Wicksickness returned and spent his time healing fellow Wiksikians in the herb hut or hunting in the jungle. Not anymore. Recent (as for now) events in Wiksik made him look for new home. He apparently got some problems with his identity or something. Killing, not killing, decide what you want to do, youngster!

As a part of his helpful attitude, Wicksickness compiled a Wiksik PKers list, now maintained by Skull Face. You can see some annoying characters, mostly originating from Wiksik. Kill on sight! ;)


sloth - from Raktam - was born in march 2007, for a Great Raktam Death Race. Now he lives in the Shartak Wildlife Preservatory, hardly ever moving. If you visit him, you will know what is the sound sloths make when they find some fruits to eat.

Sloth's target is acquiring 10k AP and hurhurhur them all. Will he succeed?

Member of C.U.T.E.N.E.S.S.

some other

Plus four, secret and mysterious ones I won't share with you ;)